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Information for flights to Newark from Paris Orly

Avg. flight duration 7h 32m
Flights arrive in Newark
Flights depart from Paris Orly
Flight price $516
Distance 5,858 km
Airlines Norwegian

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Top tips for finding a cheap flight

The cheapest flight from Paris Orly to Newark was found, on average, 61 days before departure.
Book at least 5 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly is September.

FAQs for Booking Flights to Newark from Paris Orly

How long does a flight from Paris Orly to Newark take?
An average non-stop flight takes 8h 00m, covering a distance of 5858 km.
How many flights are there between Paris Orly and Newark?
There are 37 (non-stop) flights between Paris Orly and Newark per week, averaging 5 per day.
Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Paris Orly to Newark?
In the past 3 days, the cheapest return tickets were found on Norwegian ($516)
Which airlines fly most frequently between Paris Orly and Newark?
La Compagnie (2 times daily), Norwegian (1 times daily), Iberia (1 times daily) are the most frequent flyers on this route.

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Thu., 27 Sep.
Paris Orly
8h 00m
Mon., 1 Oct.
Paris Orly
7h 05m
Trip: 5 days
Overall 4.7 OK
Based on 21 reviews
Good 7.0

Bulkhead seating is not my favorite place to sit, but at least it was very close to the door!

OK 5.3

I liked the ladies, i like that the ticket was affordable and that the crew was responsive on the flight very helpful.

They charged me for my bag when i left france but said i wouldnt have to be charged to change my ticket datethen when i changed the ticket date they charged me. I wasnt charged when i left new york for my bags why now? They asked me detailed personal question about who i was visiting and why which i felt i didnt have to explain and two its none of there business whom i visit or why. Then they told me i could not bring my container onto the flight that day and made remove its liquid but didnt provided a container to put the remaining liquid into. They said it had to be no more than 100ml mine was 115ml very small. The first guy whom checked my bag said it was ok then the second guy made a big deal about the bottle. I had another bottle with olives they made me pour out the water and keep the food and the bottle but that bottle was17.6 bigger than the 100 ml bottle. I told them it was stealing i paid 50 dollars us for the product back home and that it they took it it was stealing. The told me if i wanted a container for the oil i had in the 100ml bottle i would have to go downstairs to purchase the empty container, then told me i dont know if you will have enough time to board your flight if i went to purchase it they said it would be too far. Again customs never provided a container nor remburse ment for the stuff that they steal from people. I told them i needed my water cause of health reason and they forced me to drink all of my water and not allow me to bring it on to the flight.. crazy! Horrible experience!

Mediocre 2.0


Everything on the plane was broken! Oldest plane I have ever been on! Awful “service”. Will never fly this airline again.

OK 4.0

The crew was friendly and served us well

No functioning entertainment- equipment from the 80’s No ice for beverages Shuttle to the plane in Paris Very cramped Intermittent airconditioning. It was warm for most of the flight I will NOT fly Norwegian again.

OK 5.0

Entertainer was good

Screen snack shop was always closed. Service was spotty

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