The Best Places to Detox and Take a Holiday from the Holidays  

By Noam Elsner

Welcome to 2018! Are you already getting post-holiday blues? To our knowledge, the only way to beat post-holiday blues is to go on another trip. Here are some of the best holiday destinations to start your year right, whether you’re looking for a detox, get active or a beach getaway.

Here are some of our best detox holiday destinations

Cleanse your system in Phuket, Thailand

Detox holiday at luxury swimming pool in Phuket, Thailand

After all the food and booze during holiday season, it is time to detox and there are few better places to do so than in Thailand. From yoga retreats to wellness programs, Phuket’s many resorts and villas offer endless opportunities to cleanse your body and mind. The abundance of fresh fruit and locally grown produce also makes it the perfect place to rid your body of toxins and make your New Year’s resolutions stick. Those who really want to burn those extra calories can try the nation’s famous martial arts Muay Thai training.

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Unplug and enjoy simplicity in Lombok and the Gili Islands

Young woman on detox holiday, swimming over coral reef in the sea and tropical beach island in Indonesia

Next door to busy Bali, Lombok is a quiet star of a destination with exquisite white-sand beaches, great surf, tropical forests and hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields. Escape to the triplet of Gili Islands for an island-life experience with modern comforts. All three islands are car-free with transport by foot, bikes or horse and carts. Choose Gili Trewagan for socialising, Gili Air for relaxing and Gili Menos to get off the grid altogether.

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Get active with a ski trip to Japan

Snowboarder on detox holiday boards down a ski slope in Sapporo, Japan

Possibly the best way to have so much fun you don’t even notice that you’ve dropped a few kilos along the way too… Too good to be true? Not so in Japan. After a day spent playing in powdery snow, healthy and tantalising food awaits. Steaming hot dumplings and bowls of delicious ramen will satisfy bellies and taste buds while keeping your figure in check.

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Escape from the madding crowds in Tasmania

Calming view of lake and mountains on Detox Holiday in Tasmania

You don’t have to leave home to run away from it all, with remote and wild Tasmania just a hop across the Tasman. The mild weather in January and February makes it the perfect time to hike and uncover its breathtaking, pristine beauty. After a day of activity, there’s a bounty of healthy, delicious local food waiting for you: fresh produce, sweet scallops, crayfish, mussels and, of course, unbelievably succulent oysters all for the taking.


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