Here Are The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan

By Noam Elsner

It’s that time of the year again! It seems like just yesterday we were showing you the best spots for cherry blossom viewing in Japan and around the world. But if you don’t want to wait till March to drown yourself in the shower of pink sakura petals in Japan, don’t worry. Cherry blossoms in Taiwan begins in January.

Viewing Activities for Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan (North):

  1. Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei

Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan - Taipei Yangminshan National Park

The famous blooming season in Yangmingshan National Park is from February to March, and there’s a lot more to see than cherry blossoms. It’s a paradise for flower-lovers and shutterbugs with an endless sea of azaleas, camellia, spring blossoms, wild peonies and more. The best time to catch the bloom is from late January to late February, and the most photogenic spots have to be Dongfang Temple and Lane 42 Pingjing Street.

Address: No. 1-20, Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Yangmingshan, Taipei

Transport information here.

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  1. Wuji Tianyuan Temple, New Taipei City

Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan - Wuji Tianyuan Temple surrounded by cherry blossoms in New Taipei City

This five-storey, 60 metre ‘Temple of Heaven’ pagoda is surrounded by densely packed cherry trees every spring. You can find a variety of sakura species here, including well-known ones like Taiwan cherry, which typically starts blooming from February, and Yoshino cherry, which begins to flower in March. And while you’re here, of course you should pay a visit to the Taoist temple itself and pray for good luck for the new year like the locals.

Address: No. 36, Section 3, Beixin Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City

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  1. Wulai, New Taipei City

Cherry tree with cherry blossoms in Wulai in New Taipei City

Take a day trip to Wulai for an amazing sakura-viewing train ride in February and March. Riding on the historic Wulai Scenic Train surrounded by a cloud of cherry blossoms can make you feel like you’re travelling back in time. When you get off at the Warrior Square, don’t forget to take a snap of the dazzling waterfalls, made even more magical with sakura. This picturesque town is also known for its natural hot springs and traditional Atayal delicacies, so make sure you have a good soak and eat your way up Wulai Old Street.

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Viewing Activities for Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan (Central):

  • Wuling Farm Cherry Blossoms Festival 7th Feb to 27th Feb, 2019 (Please take note if you have to request permission to visit Wuling Farm.)
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Cherry Blossoms Festival 1st Feb to 10th March, 2019
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village “Taiwan No.1” Night Sakura Viewing Activity (Night Viewing activities last until 8pm)
  • Lugu Shi-Ma Park Sakura Viewing Festival 26th Jan to 15th February, 2019
  1. Wuling Farm, Taichung

Wuling Road in Taichung surrounded by cherry trees

With around 35,000 to 40,000 cherry trees, Wuling Farm is easily one of the top sakura viewing hotspots in Taichung. The farm boasts a unique cherry cultivar called ‘Pink Lady’, a hybrid of Taiwan and Japanese cherries with soft-pink petals and yellow pistils – found only here.

Address: No. 3-1, Wuling Road, Heping District, Taichung

Transport information here.

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  1. Tai-an Police Station, Taichung

Cherry blossoms at Tai-an Police Station in Taichung

Known as Taiwan’s most beautiful police station all because of the 60 Yaezakura (‘double-blossom’ sakura) trees planted in front of the station’s parking lot. Flowering every February and March, these trees form a spectacular cherry blossom trail. Stay till dusk if you can as it gets even more romantic, with a dark blue sky in the background and street lamps casting soft yellow light on the flowers.

Address: No. 1, Anmei Road, Houli District, Taichung

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  1. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou

Illuminated cherry blossoms at night at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Taipei Taiwan

The stunning beauty of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village makes it another top spot to see sakura in Taiwan. The cherry blossom scene from day to night are equally enchanting: witness a sea of pink flowers at daylight or the romantic spectacle of illuminated lakeside blossoms at night. The village is divided into different park areas with a ‘sakura market’, floral delicacies like sakura tea and dessert, and other festive celebrations.

Address: No. 45, Chihtien Lane, Yuchi Township, Nantou

Transport information here.

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  1. Alishan National Scenic Area, Chiayi

Train passes through the cherry blossoms at Alishan National Scenic Area

This year, Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival will be held from 10 March to 10 April in the 41,520-hectare National Scenic Area. Different varieties of sakura will bloom in succession, including Kuril cherry, Taiwan cherry, Yoshino cherry and Yaezakura. There are two specially-planned sakura-viewing routes that you can choose from. We recommend staying at least a night in Alishan to fully appreciate the beauty of this alpine area with many scenic hiking trails.

Transport information here.

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