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Columbus, OH, United States
6 Oct — 13 Oct
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Columbus, OH, United States
Wed 6/10
Wed 13/10
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Pick-up locationColumbus
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8.6 Excellent (441 reviews)
11 locations in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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1.9 Horrible4 Aug. 2021
Liked nothing. Customer service was completely unacceptable and unprofessional. Rental car was nothing like I reserved 4 months prior but had a family vacation the next day so nothing I could do. Vehicle I did take smelled and was not cleaned on the outside and worse on the inside. Manager should not be associated w/ company. All around, the worst customer experience of my life. I will never use Enterprise nor Kayak again! Completely missed the mark here.
2.0 Mediocre4 May 2021
I booked a car rental for the Columbus Airport. When I arrived at the Enterprise desk, they told me my rental was across town. I asked for help to get across town or get the car to me (no longer an enterprise offering), but the desk clerk basically said "nope, you're on your own". Kayak also provided no additional help. I rented from Avis desk, don't know why I would use Kayak againHaving the car available where I landed
9.2 Excellent1 Nov. 2020
The tahoe we reserved was not available. The assistant manager Chris offered us a minivan for much less than the tahoe. It worked great for our trip.The windshield was not clean. Had smears on it
2.0 Mediocre10 Oct. 2020
No. I was sent back and forth and one manager openly derided one of his coworkers.They could work as a single unit. It seemed like I was dealing with two separate companies.
6.4 Good26 Aug. 2020
People were nice, even if not Covid-19 safe.Had to check at three different rental car checkpoints before finding someone with the Enterprise group that could give us our rental car. Person who got our car wasn’t wearing a Covid-19 mask over her nose, and I had to touch the computer to finish. Lastly, the Ford we rented had a terrible navigation and audio interface, both of which were dangerous to use.
4.0 Okay12 Jul. 2020
Car was filthy with a horrible cigarette smell. Could not even drive it.
10.0 Excellent15 Jun. 2020
8.8 Excellent29 May 2020
If they had paid more attention to what I was reserving to rent and had it available as they said it would be
10.0 Excellent14 Feb. 2020
Friendly staff. Clean car.
6.8 Good4 Jan. 2020
They could have my car cleaned before I head to pick it up. They make me wait for 20 minutes until they cleaned inside and outside. At the end, they just perform a very quick and light clean on the outside and inside. A very bad impresión.
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Rated no. 2
8.6 Excellent (209 reviews)
1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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7.9 Good31 Aug. 2021
The first car I was assigned was too small. The associate changed me to a larger car (still in my reservation’s class) which worked out perfectly.
10.0 Excellent21 Jul. 2021
Super easy to pick up and drop off, even at different airports.
4.0 Okay7 Jun. 2021
We asked for 12 passenger they gave us 15 we had to remove seats for luggage. The vents in the back didn’t work so the driver had to freeze for passengers to be comfortable. There was no plugs of any type other than the dash.
6.0 Good9 Mar. 2021
Staff did a very nice jobCar had been smoked in The odor became overwhelming during the rental
10.0 Excellent5 Dec. 2020
Pick up and drop off were very easy.
6.0 Good28 Oct. 2020
I was not given clear direction to where to go pick up. I was in the garage for over 20min looking. After locating a person he pointed me to a vehicle that didnt have any keys... frustrated at this point i walk back to the booth and demand they get the van and bring it. That took forever.Have an attendant on hand. It SHOULD NEVER BE THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND THE VEHICLE
2.0 Mediocre29 Sep. 2020
The staff refused to rent me a car. My license expired last month because I turned 25. I am unable to renew it because of the corona virus. Prior to renting the car I called the Ohio BMV and double checked with them. The let me know that because of the pandemic everybody’s licenses and registrations that expired since March were automatically extended until December 31, 2020. They assured me I’d have no issue using my ID to do anything including renting a car and buying alcohol. I double checked the BMV website and on the front page it confirms that everything is automatically extended until the end of the year. The woman at the counter said she couldn’t rent me a car because they already did a one time extension for me for having an expired license. I don’t know what she was talking about because I’ve only ever rented a car one other time and that was in July. My license expired August 4 so when I rented the car in July no special extension would have been made for me. I explained this to her and then she said it’s their policy that they can only rent a car to a person with an expired license if it had expired during the pandemic. And according to her it is no longer a pandemic. Clearly we are still in a worldwide pandemic so that makes absolutely no sense. I tried to explain that the law in Ohio extended all ID/registration until the end of the year because we are in fact still in a pandemic. She then brings her manager out and her manager says it is illegal to rent me a car with an expired license. I tell her I understand but I do not have an expired license since the expiration date was extended. She suggests to me I try to renew online and says if I’m able to do that I could show her that and see if that was sufficient enough to prove I don’t have an expired license. Obviously you cannot receive a driver’s license online so I was unable to do that. I’m really disappointed in the entire experience and also the fact that Alamo thinks that the pandemic has magically disappeared when in fact it’s worse now than it was before. Still not sure what “one time extension” was mentioned to me either. Truly a waste of my morning.
6.4 Good10 Sep. 2020
Pick up was easy from Columbus Airport.Drop off was cumbersome. No one in the garage to check you in. Filled the tank up before returning but the gas gauge didn’t move. Check engine light came on about 20 miles from Huntsville.
9.2 Excellent17 Aug. 2020
Staff were very good and helpful. They gave me choices on vehicles and helped me hook up my phone to the blue tooth which really helped me make calls easier.
9.2 Excellent3 Aug. 2020
Less expensive would be appreciated
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From $252/dayRated no. 3
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7.6 Good (225 reviews)
9 locations in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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Recent reviews
7.9 Good23 Jun. 2021
the drop off was scheduled for 10pm. i got there and the place closed at 10pm. in the rental agreement it did not say the hours of operation. i was not able to return the car, and now my plans are all screwed up. otherwise it was a great experience. i am sorting out the aftermath now.
2.0 Mediocre14 Jun. 2021
I requested a Full sized SUV to carry 6 people blue all their bags on a road trip. When I got there to pick up the car, the cars they tried to give me wouldn’t have fit all of us comfortably with bag as well. I ended up not using Hertz and went with a different company that was able to get me into a van for less money and way better customer service.
10.0 Excellent1 Jun. 2021
Knowiing there insurance policy.
10.0 Excellent1 Jun. 2021
Good customer service fast pick up drop off clean.
8.0 Excellent1 Jun. 2021
Better price for the car I rented.
8.0 Excellent24 May 2021
The staff tried to upsell usThe car wouldn’t let us add iphones to use maps/navigation which was a pain
10.0 Excellent20 May 2021
Nothing. Johnny at the Columbus return center was very friendly and helpful!
2.0 Mediocre16 May 2021
The car smelled like sweat and Asian food. 15 minutes in I had a headache and when I got to where I was going my clothes smelled like it.
8.0 Excellent30 Mar. 2021
The staff didn't seem overly friendly but were helpful enough. They failed to mention their return method at this location which caused a little confusion when I returned the car.I felt that they should have clearly explained their return method (or at least mentioned it).
10.0 Excellent29 Mar. 2021
Ended up getting a very nice upgrade for no additional charge due to limited availability
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Rated no. 4
7.3 Good (248 reviews)
1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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Recent reviews
5.9 Okay2 Aug. 2021
The wait was long picking up…..drop off was easy
2.0 Mediocre2 Apr. 2021
Staff was not there at the time of my pick up no help on the phone when I called dollar corporate services. Staff was late opening on the second day when I went back to get my car. Not wearing facemask. Very bad experience!Communications between dollar rental and, through who I made my reservation. More punctual and professional help both at the counter in person as well as online is needed.
2.0 Mediocre1 Apr. 2021
Nothing. They closed before 6 pm, my flight was late. No car to pick up. Rip-off.They could make provisions for early evening pickup. Ie 6 pm
2.0 Mediocre16 Mar. 2021
We made a “reservation” for a Suburban. When we got there all they had left was a little 4 door car. We have 7 people in our family so that wouldn’t work. The man working was nice enough, but he told us when you reserve with a lower cost rental company it’s hit or miss. Sometimes you get what you want, and sometimes you don’t. He showed us a long list of people he had to call to tell them they didn’t have any cars available. I would not recommend renting from Dollar because there NO GUARANTEE that you’ll get what you reserve, or any car for that matter!
2.0 Mediocre8 Mar. 2021
They should have notified us that they close at 2pm and that, they would not be able to rent us a car. Their sign says go upstairs to the 2nd floor and someone will help you. Then upstairs it says we close at 2pm. So we had to pay double what our original reservation was and book with Hertz there on the spot.
2.0 Mediocre6 Feb. 2021
NothingI booked a car at 7 pm. I reached at 7:30pm. Noone was there .
2.0 Mediocre30 Dec. 2020
didn't pick up car - mom got corona 2 days before christmas and was unable to cancel. thanks priceline, won't be going through you anymore.not going through priceline
4.8 Okay5 Nov. 2020
Staff was niceCar smelled and was not the one I signed up for
8.8 Excellent26 Oct. 2020
The size of the car was good, and the mileage was excellentPick up was a little strange when adding a second driver. A little surprised that fee was $13,50 per day for another driver. My most recent experience prior to this rental was with Alamo who allowed the second driver at no additional cost.
8.0 Excellent12 Oct. 2020
The staff was overwhelmed, but polite. The drop off was super easy.Add more support staff at Columbus International Airport to assist customers.
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Rated no. 5
7.3 Good (138 reviews)
1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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  • 7.4
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Recent reviews
1.9 Horrible20 Sep. 2021
Did not pick up the car because the line at the rental counter was so completely utterly ridiculous. Wound up renting from Hertz instead.
10.0 Excellent4 Sep. 2021
Thank you so much!! Great car and looking forward to seeing the new parking garage at John Glenn International Airport!!
7.9 Good26 Aug. 2021
Did a good job!
1.9 Horrible11 Jul. 2021
Customer service was very rude when picking up the car. My booking reservation stated personal auto insurance was not required, however, at pick-up the woman refused to honor my booking and said she couldn’t proceed with my registration. She said thrifty was recently bought by another company as if that would explain why the booking was not updated to state your own insurance was needed. If that is thrifty’s policy, okay, but the booking reservation which I booked days in advance needs to reflect that…. Especially now when it is difficult to reserve a car. Moreover, she was incredibly rude, and my experience was very negative that it makes me question what kind of service and support I would have if I were to rent a car to the extent I will never rent from Thrifty. I went to Alamo next door and it was night and day. The customer service was so friendly and helpful, that I trusted them. Definitely don’t trust Thrifty and won’t be back.
1.9 Horrible24 Jun. 2021
In my haste to leave on my trip to put my mother on hospice, I forgot my credit card at home. Counter clerk was rude and unhelpful. I was stressed. I ended up going to Avis who would rent to me using a debit card. By the way, my mother did pass. I will not recommend Thrifty.
6.0 Good13 Jun. 2021
Allow to change vehicle if dirty or smelly.
10.0 Excellent7 Mar. 2021
Whole process smoothLine at desk to check car out
10.0 Excellent25 Oct. 2020
easiest/fastest rental and return I have ever had!nothing
2.0 Mediocre12 Oct. 2020
There was no refund on the rental, even though the charge was fraudulent. It caused me to have to manage the situation with my bank.
5.2 Okay17 Sep. 2020
Car was ok----Ford Eco SportThe Thrifty location was farthest from terminal. The staff was occupied with one customer. The wait was long. The attendant did not know how to open the back of SUV. Therebwas no one there when the car was returned---not a single person and they were aware fo when I was returning. Thrify is cheap for a reason!
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Rated no. 6
7 Good (214 reviews)
7 locations in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
  • 7.2
  • 7.5
  • 6.9
  • 6.6
  • 6.9
Recent reviews
7.9 Good27 Sep. 2021
Easy and friendly pickup.
1.9 Horrible20 Sep. 2021
Staff were friendly. Wait time 45 minutes to pick up a car that was scheduled and confirmed in advance.
7.9 Good12 Sep. 2021
I needed a minivan and unfortunately budget was the only company with one available when I needed it. It was quite a bit more expensive than I thought it should be for the one day I needed it so I didn’t really have a choice. Aside from that budget did a good job with drop off and pickup , and the van was nice.
1.9 Horrible9 Sep. 2021
The Budget Rental Agency at the Columbus airport is the worst I've ever been exposed to. They are incredibly unorganized and had no idea what cars they had and didn't have. I secured a full size SUV reservation and they didn't have any to provide me so I got a van. I waited over an hour to get the van. Terrible experience!
5.9 Okay7 Sep. 2021
The biggest gripe was the service that we "suffered" waiting in line to formalize our rental. There were over thirty people in line nd only three positions opened. This was a holiday weekend, and anyone with any intelligence would have realized the need for substantially more open stations. Returning the car was a breeze. There must have been 200 cars in the return area, but it went very smoothly. Staff even encouraged us to "take our time" and not forget anything. Vehicle was clean but lacked an "owner's manual." Even though I drive the same make vehicle, controls (light switches) were in a different location.
10.0 Excellent6 Sep. 2021
The lady I rented from in Omaha was especially nice!
3.9 Mediocre21 Aug. 2021
The car wreaked of smoke. I had to be in it for 10 hours, I felt sick the whole way, which made the trip dangerous.
1.9 Horrible31 Jul. 2021
I didn’t like any of it. The business opened a half hour late so I was late getting to a meeting. The guy asked me to sign something saying the car was clean, damage free, and full go gas before i even saw the car. Thank goodness I checked it because it was filthy and had multiple damages. He gave 5 other cars to look at. The cars were all filthy inside and out. He told me their wash machine was broken so they couldn’t wash them. The car he finally gave me, which I took despite it being dirty because I was already late, wasn’t even full of gas like he told me it was.
1.9 Horrible27 Jul. 2021
When we went to pick up car took over 35 minutes to get to counter line was out the door. Only 2 rental agents working for 3 rental companies Budget,Avis and Payless. Second day of rental look at tags on car they were expired. Call Budget was told on Automated phone messages wait time over hour. Hung up phone and sent email received reply the would contact us 3-5 days. Drove rental on expired plate 4 days.
1.9 Horrible26 Jul. 2021
the car was nice and clean, the problem that i have is i prepaid online and my card was swiped for $250.00 and i didn't like that at all, had i known that i would've just waited until i arrived , now it's been four days since car was returned but the $250.00 has not
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Rated no. 7
7.8 Good (51 reviews)
7 locations in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
  • 7.6
  • 8.2
  • 7.8
  • 7.8
  • 7.6
Recent reviews
7.9 Good14 Sep. 2021
The car was comfortable enough the inside glass was in need of cleaning and pricing has gone up
10.0 Excellent23 Aug. 2021
The entire process from reservation online to drop off was perfect. Very efficient staff/process
10.0 Excellent27 Jul. 2021
I love the KIA Fort 2021 it was drive so good
10.0 Excellent11 Jul. 2021
Staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! We appreciate them so much!
4.0 Okay13 Jun. 2021
Parking in lot is terrible. They share a lot with a car dealer and there is barely enough room to drive through lot. Almost zero parking when we picked up. Car was not clean - both inside and outside, but we were stuck with the choice. Soon as I drove off the lot, the sensor said there was a flat tire. Sure enough the rear driver tire had a nail in it! Again, we had to have the car and returning it wasn't really an option. Tire Discounters fixed for free. When we returned, it was two hours after they were said to be open, but I still had to wait 45 minutes for someone to show up and unlock the place. When checking out, the guy just printed out the bill and gave it to me without going over it. I stayed until he did. I also tried calling customer service while waiting and the automated answering wasn't helpful at all. All in all, the customer service is not good and I've had better, cleaner rental vehicles elsewhere.
2.0 Mediocre11 Jun. 2021
Car was niceThe car hand not been cleaned and Avis had one person working the counter and he had to also go get the cars. It took 1 hour and 50 minutes to get my car!!!!!! Unacceptable.
4.4 Okay21 Oct. 2019
Drop off was easy.It took a long time to pick up the car (40 minutes) even though there was only one person in front of me in line. The cars weren't ready. I had absolutely no choice, and the car was not what I had ordered. It was really flashy--something I did not want at all as a woman travelling alone.
10.0 Excellent12 Sep. 2019
I made a reservation for a big car but it wasn’t quite large enough for what I needed, when I went back to see if I could upgrade to a bigger one, they changed the paperwork and within a few minutes for no charge, I had a bigger car ready to go! Thanks again!!Directions into the rental car pickup/dropoff locations in the airport. It was a little confusing and took us a while for figure out
5.6 Okay25 Nov. 2018
Watch for added chargesBillled me $50 extra for fuel (I returned it full) and added insurance that I did not buy with the reservation. avis removed fuel charge but only 1/2 of the insurance charge after I complained. Not renting from again
2.0 Mediocre16 Sep. 2018
I didn’t like that they ended up not even having a car for me that I reserved 3 days in advance. Terrible service. I will never rent a car from Avis again!!! Their solution was for me to do a round trip rental when I needed a one way. Obviously that was not going to work for me.
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Rated no. 8
7.7 Good (16 reviews)
1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
  • 7.4
  • 7.9
  • 7.7
  • 7.8
  • 7.4
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent15 Jul. 2021
Much better price than other vendors.
7.9 Good13 Jul. 2021
National was just fine in terms of all the pick up/drop off functions, I'd use them again. But currently the price for a car is way out of proportion. It could have been due to the July 4th weekend, but I'll start looking for alternatives when I can!
10.0 Excellent21 Jun. 2021
car was great. Hyundai Accent. staff helpful.its getting pricey to rent a car
4.8 Okay21 Sep. 2020
I waited two hours to pick up a van . They didn’t even appreciate my time saying thank you so much or didn’t even give me discount for it. I didn’t the reservation and still they didn’t have a car ready for me . Not happy with service at all . Please let me know if you want to talk to me . My email address is puspadhital92@gmail.comAt least give a customer discount if they waited couple hours . Oh also , car condition was poor . Looks like they didn’t do an alignment in while and brakes were making a wired sound .
2.0 Mediocre6 Aug. 2020
Poorest management and the stuff needs more training
3.2 Mediocre2 Jun. 2020
I reserved a Tahoe or equivalent but they gave me a Tacome truck with less space. The wait to check in and get vehicle was over an hour wait. The truck was dirty: the previous user had a dog in it and there was hair everywhere. The window have finger smudges on all of them and there was fish scales in the tail bed. I was definitely a lack luster experience.
10.0 Excellent2 Dec. 2019
Staff was very friendly and the drop off super easy
6.0 Good21 Jul. 2019
Staff was definitely friendly and welcoming and made the entire process effortlessThe car absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke. When choosing the SUV, I had only a few options, and I entered two different ones, both reeking. I just had to choose one and go with it, clearly keeping the windows down during all three days (despite the heatwave). The smell did not go away!
5.6 Okay1 Apr. 2019
Friendly staff, easy pickup/ drop offSmoky car! Gross.
10.0 Excellent27 Nov. 2016
No wait, clean car, easy access coming and going.
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Rated no. 9
4.4 Okay (15 reviews)
1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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Recent reviews
3.9 Mediocre14 Sep. 2021
The van hadn’t been cleaned and it took more than an hour to pick up. There was sand, and food, and wrappers everywhere and it smelled like a locker room.
3.9 Mediocre13 Sep. 2021
So, first of all the airport remodeled. There was a payless sign but no payless booth upstairs. Your staff didn't seem to care about me waiting in line. Since AVIS and Payless are the same companies they should work uniformly. They don't. It took over an hour to get to the booth and another 30 to get the car. I tried to cancel but YOUR agent said it can only be done at the booth. I will likely never use your service again and definitely will not pay in advance.
1.9 Horrible7 Sep. 2021
We were renting a vehicle so that we could use it for our drive-up wedding, where you get married in your vehicle. For this reason, we specifically wanted a convertible - it was very important to have a convertible. When we placed the order, it said that we would get the convertible advertised - a Ford Mustang convertible, or a comparable convertible. We arrived to pick up the car on the morning of our wedding, and was told there were no convertibles available. None at all. We had trusted that you would keep your word. I will say that our counter person was extremely helpful and kept trying different ways to accommodate us. She went above and beyond. I am only 5 foot tall, and disabled. We were told that the only option that would be somewhat like a convertible was a Jeep Zahara, which is very tall. The roof over the front of the car came off. Because we were desperate, and our wedding was happening that day, we rented the Jeep, even though I could not get into it. Once we got to the wedding place, we had to use a step stool and be very careful, but I was finally able to get in, but it was precarious getting in and out. We made it work, but not having a regular convertible added so much more stress and took more time, and made things more dangerous for me. Would have been nice to be able to get out and into a regular convertible. Would have been nice if you would have honored the contract.
1.9 Horrible5 Sep. 2021
Payless didn't have the car that I booked . I had a confirmation for a 12 passenger van and they were only able to supply a minivan. This clearly is a big difference and affected my travel plans on my business trip.
3.9 Mediocre3 Aug. 2021
No signs on where to go to find payless. Long line. Agent not helpful. Car damaged.
4.0 Okay7 Jul. 2021
Easy pick up1) the car smelled like smoke, 2) the license plate tags were not updated so we were pulled over by Indiana highway patrol, and 3) there were not any Payless representatives or anyone else to receive the car at the final destination without any instructions on how to drop off the car
1.9 Horrible6 Jul. 2021
Car was sent with a half tank of gas, when returned I was informed it was supposed to be full and charged at a premium for gas, they will likely now park the car at half and repeat the gimmick on the next sucker.
6.0 Good9 Jun. 2021
Clean the vehicle- we found golf tees and smelly food wrappers in the trunk area and under a seat. There were two agents working the counter for 3 different companies, NO AIR and no less than 16 people waiting for their turn.
8.0 Excellent17 May 2021
The drop off went very smoothly and efficiently.It was extremely difficult to find the Payless pick up counter. There was no signage for Payless indicating where I should go. I had to ask a family member to do some research while I wandered around. She discovered that Avis bought Budget and Payless so I went to the Avis/Budget counter. There was a small Payless sign behind the Budget counter. Definitely frustrating.
6.8 Good7 Sep. 2020
There was a 2.5 hour wait to pick up my car
1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
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1 location in Columbus
Locations in Columbus
Recent reviews
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Collision damage waiver and theft protection are insurance options that cover renters from paying high penalty fees if the car is stolen or returned damaged. Some Columbus car providers already include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection Waiver into the rental price but not all of them. We recommend always be aware of your coverage when renting a car in in Columbus.


Keep in mind that car hire excess insurances often have a deductible clause, which is the amount you’ll have to pay if something happens during the time of your rental. If you want to avoid unwanted surprises, you should consider adding a no-deductible option to your Columbus car rental.

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  • Make the most out of your trip to Columbus and rent a car to explore everything from Lincoln Village in the west of the city to Blacklick Woods Metro Park or Pickerington Ponds Metro Park in the east. Columbus has a lot on offer and, with a car, you can conveniently reach all your destinations within your own timeframe.
  • For travelers landing at John Glenn Columbus International Airport, rent a car directly from the on-site car hire center to be in the city in less than 15 minutes. The airport sports eight agencies, including Alamo, Avis, and Hertz, who can be found on the ground level of the parking garage where the cars are also parked. Posted signs help drivers out of the airport to the I-670, which directly leads into the heart of Columbus.
  • Columbus is definitely not as challenging to drive in as Boston, for example, but hire car drivers should double-check before venturing into an intersection, as right of way is not always followed. Also, Columbus drivers tend to drive slower on the left lane, which is nonetheless discouraged. When it rains, make sure to adapt the speed, as full downpours commonly happen in Columbus.
  • The winters in Ohio can be harsh and cold, so winter travelers should ensure the hire car is properly equipped for the cold season. If parked overnight, make sure the tank is always half-full or more; otherwise, the risk of a frozen petrol line increases. Also bear in mind that the posted speed limits are intended for dry roads, so, when snow and sleet are coating the streets, speed must be reduced and adapted to the road conditions.
  • 25% of our users found a car hire in Columbus for $252 or less
  • Book your car hire in Columbus at least 1 day before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Intermediate car hires in Columbus are around 13% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about hiring a car in Columbus

  • One car hire company which has updated their car rental health and safety policies due to COVID-19 to make sure vehicles are clean and disinfected is Hertz

  • On average a hire car in Columbus costs $452 per day.

  • Based on ratings and reviews from real users on KAYAK, the best car hire companies in Columbus are Alamo (8.6, 217 reviews), Enterprise (8.5, 510 reviews), and Avis (7.8, 56 reviews).

  • The average price of fuel in Columbus is $4.89 per litre over the past 30 days. Filling up a tank of fuel costs between $59 and $78, depending on the car size.

  • Intermediate (Hyundai Elantra or similar) is the most frequently booked car hire type in Columbus.

  • The only car hire company onsite at Columbus airport is Hertz.

  • The only car hire company that offers shuttle or pick-up services from Columbus airport to off-airport locations is Hertz.

  • Take a look at our extensive car hire location map to find the best car hire deals near you.

  • A Intermediate car hire in Columbus costs $71 per day, on average.

  • A Compact car hire in Columbus costs $74 per day, on average.

  • A Supplier choice car hire in Columbus costs $59 per day, on average.

  • In Columbus, cars are most frequently hired at Hertz 4600 International Gateway (10 km from city centre ).

  • On average hiring a car in Columbus costs $3,162 per week ($452 per day).

  • On average a car hire in Columbus costs $13,551 per month ($452 per day).

  • With regular rain and ice on the streets, a 4-wheel drive car is certainly a wise choice to make in Columbus. Depending on how much storage is needed, a smaller SUV or minivan are an appropriate choice which provide essential road grip while still being small enough to navigate through the city without problems.

  • Adhering to the posted speed limit is paramount when driving through Columbus. If there is no sign posted, the general speed limits are as follows: 15 mph in alleys, 20 mph in school areas, 25 mph in residential areas, up to 65 mph on interstates, and up to 70 mph on rural freeways. Don’t forget to adapt the speed to the weather and road conditions.

  • The average petrol price in Columbus lies around $2.60 per gallon, but petrol stations like Sam’s Club or Costco are usually on the slightly cheaper side at around $2.20 per gallon. Petrolstations around the airport and the highway are often more expensive than stations inside the city, so bear that in mind before refueling the tank.

  • Street parking as well as garages and public parking lots are available in Columbus. Street parking, especially in the downtown area, is usually metered, so check the time and weekday restrictions at the posted sign. Parking garages such as Lot 005 or LeVeque Tower Garage, for example, offer daily or even monthly parking opportunities for a reasonable charge and are centrally located.