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Venezuela car hire

Venezuela car hire

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Car hire locations in Venezuela

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  • budget

    Budget car hire locations in Venezuela

    20 Locations See all locations

    Cc Paseo Las Industrias, Valencia, CA
    +58 241 832 9008
    Intl Airport Jacinto Lara, Barquisimeto, LA
    +58 251 442 3309
    Jose Tadeo Monagas Intl Apt, Maturín, MO
    +58 291 641 3101
    Av Jose Tadeo Monagas, Maturín, MO
    +58 291 642 0355
    Carlos M Piar Int Apt, Puerto Ordaz, BO
    +58 286 951 8782
    Via Villa Colombia, Puerto Ordaz, BO
    +58 286 923 8885
    Av Comunal El Tigre, El Tigre, AN
    +58 293 241 8493
    La Chinita Intl Airport, Maracaibo, ZU
    +58 261 735 1256
    Calle 76 Con Av 13, Maracaibo, ZU
    +58 261 797 0107
    Calle Las Palmas 13, Maracay, AR
    +58 243 233 4420
    Antonio Jose De Sucre Apo, Cumaná, SU
    +58 293 467 3021
    Jose A Anzoategui Apt, Barcelona, AN
    +58 281 277 1325
    Lecherias, Barcelona, AN
    +58 281 281 4565
    Simon Bolivar Airport, Caracas, DF
    +58 212 355 2799
    Av Nueva Granada, Caracas, DF
    +58 212 603 1360
    Av Luis Roche Entre 2da Y 3da, Caracas, DF
    +58 212 263 4359
    Av Santiago Marino, Porlamar, NE
    +58 295 264 7539
    Via Apt Int'l Del Caribe, Porlamar, NE
    +58 295 269 1490
    Sector Los Bagres, Porlamar, NE
    +58 295 269 1047
    Av Los Uveros, Costa Azul, Porlamar, NE
    +58 295 262 5285
  • hertz

    Hertz car hire locations in Venezuela

    11 Locations See all locations

    Industrial Zone, Valencia, CA
    Av. Salvador Feo La Cruz, Valencia, CA
    Jose Tadeo Monagas Airport, Maturín, MO
    +58 291 642 7842
    Intl Airport, Maiquetía, VA
    Maiquetia Intl Airport, Maiquetía, VA
    Manuel Piar Intl Airport, Puerto Ordaz, BO
    Na, Barcelona, AN
    Av Fuerzas Armadas, Barcelona, AN
    Av.principal De Bosque, Caracas, DF
    C.c.c.t., Chuao, Caracas, DF
    +58 212 905 0400
    Santiago Marino Intl Airport, Porlamar, NE
    +58 295 269 1237
  • amigoscarrental

    Amigos Car Rental car hire locations in Venezuela

    11 Locations See all locations

    Avenida Iribarren Borges, Valencia, CA
    José Tadeo Monagas International Airport, Maturín, MO
    Bulevar Miragua, Playa El Agua, Playa El Agua, NE
    Urbanización Campeche Sector 3, Cumaná, SU
    General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airport, Barcelona, Barcelona, AN
    Hotel Eurobuilding Nivel, Chuao, Caracas, DF
    Chacaíto, Urb.El Bosque, Caracas, DF
    Avenida Intercomunal del Aeropuerto Internacional, Caracas, DF
    Sector El Yaque, Isla de Margarita, Margarita, Porlamar, NE
    Hotel Dynasty, Urb. Costa Azul, Porlamar, NE
    Hotel Dynasty, Urb. Costa Azul, Porlamar, NE
  • avis

    Avis car hire locations in Venezuela

    6 Locations See all locations

    Av Monsenor Adam, Valencia, CA
    +58 212 264 5556
    Calle 64 Entre 13AY 13B 13A-47, Barquisimeto, LA
    +58 251 441 9191
    Aveinda Venezuela c/c Aveinda, Barquisimeto, LA
    +58 517 713 8120
    Avenida Jose Tadeo Monagas, Maturín, MO
    +58 291 641 4844
    Av Don Manuel Belloso, Pasarela, Maracaibo, ZU
    +58 261 773 7756
    Nivel C-2, Caracas, DF
    +58 212 959 5822
  • aco

    ACO Rent A Car car hire locations in Venezuela

    6 Locations See all locations

    Av Vicente Landaeta Gil, Barquisimeto, LA
    +58 251 441 9602
    Aeropuerto Internacional, Maiquetía, VA
    +58 212 355 1213
    Aeropuerto Maracaibo, Maracaibo, ZU
    +58 261 733 7427
    Aeropuerto, Barcelona, AN
    +58 281 275 9301
    1av Altamira Sur Res San, Caracas, DF
    +58 212 265 0289
    Aeropuerto Santiago Marino, Porlamar, NE
    +58 295 269 1270
  • keddy

    keddy by Europcar car hire locations in Venezuela

    4 Locations See all locations

    Avenidad Luis Ernesto Branger- Park Area In Front Of Intl Terminal, Valencia, CA
    International Terminal, Public Zone- Departura Level-Ground Floor, Maiquetía, VA
    Aeropuerto Intercomunal Manuel Piar- Av Guayana Unare Ii Estado Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz, BO
    Edif. Adjunto Aeropuerto- Sector El Yaque Municipio Diaz, Porlamar, NE
  • sunnycars

    Sunnycars car hire locations in Venezuela

    3 Locations See all locations

    Avenida Luis Ernesto Branger, Valencia, CA
    Maiquetía, VA
    Ave Don Manuel Belloso / Via Palito, Porlamar, NE
  • europcar

    Europcar car hire locations in Venezuela

    2 Locations See all locations

    International Terminal, Public ZoneDepartura Level-ground Floor, Maiquetía, VA
    +58 241 355 1044
    Aeropuerto Intercomunal Manuel PiarAv Guayana Unare Ii Estado Bolivar, Puerto Ordaz, BO
    +58 286 952 4753
  • suncar

    Suncar Rent a Car car hire locations in Venezuela

    1 Location See all locations

    Valencia Airport, Valencia, CA
  • dickmanns

    Dickmanns car hire locations in Venezuela

    1 Location See all locations

    Valencia Airport, Valencia, CA

Top tips for hiring a car in Venezuela

  • Deciding to rent a car in Venezuela can give travelers the freedom they wouldn’t get by taking often unreliable public transport. Popular routes include driving from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar or the western town of Merida, which is a great jumping-off point for exploring the Andes. Other car-friendly destinations include the El Avila National Park. Be aware that border regions are particularly unstable, thus, self-drive travel here is not advised.
  • Anyone who wishes to rent a car in Venezuela and travel outside urban areas would do well to consider a four-by-four. Roads in rural areas are often unpaved, and a vehicle like this will help you to access numerous areas of the country known for their outstanding natural beauty, which would not be possible in a normal sedan.
  • There are no laws on the use of child car restraints in Venezuela, but it is highly recommended that you place your children in a car seat if you would do so when driving at home. Some travelers may prefer to bring their own booster seats with them, but agencies may also be able to provide seats for an additional fee, such as the miniscule fee of 10 VEF (0.0016 USD) per day through Amigos Car Rental. Always be sure to book this service in advance.
  • You should always park your rental vehicle in a secure (preferably attended) parking lot. Parking costs tend to be low, and lots are both well marked and readily available in urban areas.

FAQs about hiring a car in Venezuela

How can I find a car hire near me in Venezuela?

Take a look at our extensive car hire location map to find the best car hire deals near you.

What is driving like in Venezuela?

Driving in Venezuela is on the right-hand side of the road. Driving in Venezuela is not for the faint-hearted: variable road conditions and typically aggressive driving means that it is only recommended for experienced drivers to rent a car in Venezuela. It is also important to be aware of some local rules—for example, pedestrians do not have the right of way when crossing the road, so other cars may not stop or even slow down.

How old do you have to be to hire a car in Venezuela?

To rent a car in Venezuela, drivers need to be at least 21 years of age, and they must have had a domestic driver’s license for at least one year. It is not necessary to provide an International Driver’s Permit (IDP), but a valid domestic license printed in the Roman alphabet will be required, along with a passport. On-the-spot ID checks are common when traveling in Venezuela, so make sure to always have these and your rental documents with you.

How much does petrol cost in Venezuela?

Petrol stations in Venezuela are commonly operational from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, and most are serviced. Keep in mind that attendants usually expect a small tip for filling the car. Fuel prices in Venezuela are the cheapest in the world, with a liter of petrol costing around 50 VEF (0.008 USD—less than a penny), which is 0.03 USD a gallon.

What are the speed limits in Venezuela?

Speed limits in Venezuela may seem to be ignored by local drivers, but fixed and mobile cameras do operate, and drivers caught transgressing can expect to face a hefty and lengthy fining process. The general limits are 60 km/h (37 mph) in urban areas, 80 km/h (50 mph) on rural roads, and 120 km/h (74 mph) on highways.

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