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Ishigaki is known as the business and transport center of Japan's Okinawa archipelago. This stunning island features several white sand beaches, mangrove forests, charming corals, and mountains to explore.

The island is a snorkeling haven and a foodies paradise. It boasts a one-of-a-kind specialty, Yaeyama Soba noodles made from flour, which are nothing like the usual buckwheat noodles.

Okinawa prefecture, in which Ishigaki lies, rivals the classic tropical paradises that are Bali and Hawaii. The small population and pristine beaches make it a truly special destination.

Whether you are flying in for a weekend stay or a month-long vacation, Ishigaki has tons of things to do and places to visit. From its unparalleled diving spots to sports fishing escapades, Ishigaki has something in store for every single visitor.

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Ishigaki summers fall between early June and late November. Unlike most of Japan, which is temperate, Ishigaki is mostly semi-tropical. Winters fall between January and February with temperatures between 60-70 degrees. July sees the popular Orion Beer Festival come to town with live music and performances, as well as the Ishigaki Harbor Festival held every year on July 17, known as Japan's "ocean's/marine day". The harbor also plays host to the monthly Sanbashi Market, where you can sample local cuisine while overlooking the ocean.

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Where to Stay in Ishigaki

Ishigaki accommodations come in a wide variety of tastes and features from up-market boutique hotels to a cluster of less-crowded luxury villas and private beach homes. The Tsundara Beach Retreat comes with its own private beach! The property itself is set in stately manicured gardens almost 3 acres in size. Jusandi is a private villa that is ideal for a large family or friends and offers lavish villas with self-catering and chic styling. It is within close proximity of Yonehara Beach, so you can marvel at gorgeous sunsets. Shiraho Friends House is a well-located option of the budget conscious; breakfast is prepared upon request for a fee. If you want to be well connected to sites, transport, and shopping outlets, staying in Ishigaki City is your best bet. If you're looking to escape, head to Kabira Bay.

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Euglena Mall in the center of the city is lined with stores and arcades that are souvenir-shopping nirvana. The southern part of the mall has more to offer, with the streets surrounding the mall packed with the best outlets Ishigaki has to offer. Souvenir t-shirts cost roughly JPY500 to JPY1,500.

Supermarkets and Food Stores

Ishigaki boasts stores such as Coco, Kanehide, and Arakawa's Max Value. These are the best options for groceries, toiletries, and other essentials. A packet of milk will set you back JPY100 as will a dozen eggs.

Where to Eat in Ishigaki

The cooking traditions in Ishigaki combine Chinese, Japanese, and Western influences. Ishigaki has a huge selection of eateries serving mostly traditional Japanese cuisine. Kutsunayu is popular for Yaeyoma Soba and is located in a traditional stonewall house lined with hibiscus.

Another Japanese specialty is Ishigaki beef, which is raised in the Yaeyama region for a certain period and is of a specific black-coated variety. Ishigakiya is the best restaurant for this type of local beef, served with island vegetables. Expect to pay between JPY1,000 and JPY2,500 for a standard meal on the island.

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