Amarillo car hire

Amarillo car hire

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Amarillo, TX, United States
26 May — 2 Jun
Same drop-off
Amarillo, TX, United States
Thu 26/5
Thu 2/6
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Search hundreds of hire car sites at once for hire car deals in Amarillo

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Pick-up locationAmarillo
Hire locations13
Airport locations7

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Amarillo car hire reviews and directory

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8.1 Excellent (32 reviews)
2 locations in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
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Recent reviews
2.0 Mediocre16 May 2022
Car was very dirty and with sticky cold drink spills everywhere and wiper was not working as it should be
10.0 Excellent21 Jan. 2022
Very economical car with good equipment.
10.0 Excellent14 Dec. 2021
Very easy experience. No wait, car great, friendly staff, all good.
10.0 Excellent8 Aug. 2021
It was easy
5.9 Okay22 Jun. 2021
The car was not clean. There was still dirt and small debris in the floorboards. It was the day of my oldest son's graduation so our schedule was packed. Pickup was at the airport on the outskirts of town so we'd planned a quick trip out to pick up then back to the days festivities. Because of this I did not have the time to go back into the building and wait for another vehicle.
2.0 Mediocre24 May 2021
Went to go with my grandma for her rental car for her brother funeral, which she has a car, But she wanted to rent. The guy was not helpful and didn’t listen to her at all and if she wasn’t there I would’ve gave that guy the business but we were in a rush and didn’t have time for that. We made reservation weeks ago and the guy gave me a hard time cuz I was gonna be there maybe as a second driver cuz she doesn’t need to tell the guy she had surgery between the legs in January and might need a break and that’s why I was gonna go with her not take my truck and go to the funeral myself but she needed the obvious help so I did go with her, it’s at the airport on the other side of town the guy really could’ve made the extra effort to add me as a driver or whatever you do inthe system it was so Uncourteous I was taken aback, so had to make a whole mother reservation with enterprise (not the airport everyone seems to be arrogant and so full of themselves there) so had to drive to i27 and 45th location then to their I-40 and Soncy Which they only charged us an extra 15 dollars a day and were super helpful the guy was pushing up rental cars like it’s his job or something What a crazy idea go bing the people what they want, but anyways then I dropped it off two days later with gas and clean and responsible use and There was no issue the fact that the guy at Avis didn’t even try and was so weird about it my grandma was getting so worked up about it, I did not approve if we weren’t in a hurry,I would’ve had to talk with him. I didn’t care this way or the other if it was Avis or enterprise I used to get rentals when I flew out of town every weekend But I don’t do it anymore cuz of crap like this guy pulled, just a rude asshole I bet you he acts all happy when he goes to his moms house and acts polite and nice but to another woman whose someone else’s moms mom no courtesy I see what kind of people he is and I won’t even come Down there to do business I’ll go out of my way to say how crappy that fool was every time someone asks about a rental car. Guy was a jerk and creepy to talk to, and I used to do prison ministry I’ve seen the type to I wouldn’t leave him alone with kids.Give the people their reservation They made weeks ago, tweak the damn reservation in the computer don’t leave people hanging cuz it’s easy to say “sorry we don’t allow you yada yada yada” but instead “one moment let me see what I can do” and if not fine okay but not just rude as a fart from the get go
10.0 Excellent21 May 2021
The staff was friendly and helpful. Check out of car was quick and efficient.No issues to note of.
6.0 Good2 Mar. 2021
Great quick friendly check in despite the computer being down.The car smelt like cigarettes. Leaving the airport on the chip seal road the car was very loud but I assumed it was just as it was a new road so the small pebbles we're making the noise. ~20 minutes later when I got on the highway the car was making a sound like the wheel was going to fall off or something. I pulled over and verified the wheels were all tight and assumed it was a pebble from the road stuck behind the brake shield and was too far from the airport to make it to my destination in time. The noise came and went depending on speed and eventually turned into a very loud dragging noise. I pulled over and looked under the car to find a splash shield was dragging under it. I was able to tear it off and all noises were gone. Can't believe Avis let the car leave this way, I am glad I am a mechanically inclined person to find and resolve this issue.
10.0 Excellent10 Nov. 2020
Staff was very welcoming, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you sir for making our transition smooth and going out of your way to meet our needs. He also recommended the best family owned restaurant el tajavan.
5.2 Okay27 Oct. 2020
I booked VW Jetta but I was given Chrysler. I asked why and I was told they did have Jetta and online booking don’t what’s on stock, I did buy that answer. But I paid for a specific vehicle I never got to enjoy. I don’t think Chrysler was worth the same so maybe I should get credit back.
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Rated no. 2
6.9 Good (21 reviews)
2 locations in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
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  • 6.8
  • 6.7
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent4 Aug. 2021
They found me Confirmation number really easy and the had a good car for us. It was not clean like I wanted it but I just got out some wipes.
1.9 Horrible19 Jul. 2021
Tried to book car with a company card, flew to Amarillo and then ubered to the hertz location only to be told at the desk the names on the card and my ID needed to be matching- something I was not alerted to at any point during the reservation process- and was told there was nothing they could do for me. Had to go back to the airport and fly to another city where I could get a car-share.
10.0 Excellent11 Apr. 2021
friendly, helpful, and timelynothing
6.0 Good26 Nov. 2020
The staff was very friendly. The girl waiting on me made everything go smooth.Their computers weren't working when I picked up the car.
8.0 Excellent10 Nov. 2020
Check in and check out was kind of slow.
8.0 Excellent11 Aug. 2018
Nissan Versa NoteThe car was comfortable, had cruise control, was in great condition and made our trip easier. We got a good weekly deal on the car that made it easier to pick up and return as well. Staff was courteous and added on AAA benefits to reduce our rate after booking as well.Really don't have anything to complain about with this rental!
6.0 Good2 Jul. 2018
Not a great car for the moneyIt was cleanIt was not a very nice car considering I reserved a larger car. It had no power. And in that catagory I have gotten much nicer vehicles.
10.0 Excellent22 Mar. 2018
Great rental experienceCar was clean. Was not the Toyota I was expecting but it was okay. Staff was polite and helpful.Would have liked SiriusXM and GPS. Next time will ask.
2.0 Mediocre14 Sep. 2017
Bait and SwitchRented a car at AMA airport thru Kayak. You booked a reservation in downtown Amarillo. Hertz stuck it to me to get at the car at AMA airport instead of downtown ($200/ day). Will never use Kayak again.
2.0 Mediocre3 Jul. 2017
Never againNothing I never even got to look at the carThey let me make a reservation that they never intended on letting me pick up. They were rude , and I never even got to see the car. They took my money and made their wexcuses. I'm disgusted, and will never use them
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Rated no. 3
6.5 Good (15 reviews)
2 locations in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
  • 6.6
  • 6.8
  • 6.4
  • 6.4
  • 6.2
Recent reviews
10.0 Excellent16 Apr. 2022
Everything was great. Friendly helpful staff.
2.0 Mediocre6 Jul. 2021
Not friendly or helpful. They charged for mileage. Gave us a POS 4 year old car with 53k miles on it, that i had to get the oil changed in because it kept going into Limp mode. Tires needed replacing.They charged double over my copy. No call back from manager to resolve.
2.0 Mediocre15 May 2021
They gave thge car away cause I was late. I was not late and everything was on time. I looked into it further and they have a reputation for doing the same thing. So I was without a car. Luckily Uber is big there.
2.0 Mediocre29 Mar. 2021
yes, the rental place was totally out of vehicles in spite of my reservation. will not use Budget gain at this location.having a vehicle and available when you said I could have one. it was well past closing time when I finally got one from Enterprise.
2.0 Mediocre9 Mar. 2021
no she was rude and cancelled my car...ruined my trip!They don't take debit cards, the only places that were open on sunday were out of cars. My trip was ruined! I booked online ahead of time and should have been notified.
6.8 Good9 Nov. 2020
The staff was very rude and blunt. I called to let them know I was going to be a little late picking up the vehicle and the had asked about it and was told they didn’t have the vehicle we had booked for instead gave us something bigger (not what we wanted). Representative was like we don’t have any other vehicle available and was asked if we wanted to cancel the reservation she didn’t even wait for a response and just walked away from us. We were not happy. Representative just walked into the office.We still kept the reservation but the customer service was very rude and we didn’t feel like they wanted us as customers.Better customer services!!! I been there twice and same interaction. Thought that the second time would be different. Staff need to train more on customer service. If this keep up they’re going to lose customers.
7.2 Good28 Feb. 2017
Think Twice Before Renting from BudgetI appreciated the check-in from the personnel upon my return. A far cry from the terrible experience I had when checking out the vehicle.Customer service at the front counter when I went to pick up the vehicle was challenging and extremely frustrating. I felt as if the front desk attendant treated with contempt and disdain. Although I try not to just pull the race card, it was clear to me that I was being treated the way I was because of my color. I will think long and hard before ever going back to Budget Rental. I will say, however, when I went to return the vehicle and told my story to the supervisor, she was very professional and accommodating and listened to my complaint. While it was reassuring to know that the service I received at the hands of the desk attendant was isolated, according to the manager, the sting and bad taste left could not be erased.
6.4 Good17 Oct. 2016
Friendly, helpful, hardworking, courteous people.Car had unsightly body damage. Tank was supposed to be full and was only 3/4 full.
2.0 Mediocre9 Nov. 2015
Tried to ruin my honeymoonNOTHING!!!Refusal to rent to me because I don't have a credit card. Wanted 2 utility bills, latest paycheck stub, and proof of vehicle insurance, which had to be active for over 6 months. Moved a month prior and had just changed insurance. Was not informed of debit card policy until I arrived at counter 2 hours late departing for my wedding. Was charged $72 for insurance on vehicle I did not rent. That's the last money budget will ever get from me.
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Rated no. 4
5.4 Okay (12 reviews)
4 locations in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
  • 6.3
  • 5.6
  • 5.1
  • 5.1
  • 5.1
Recent reviews
4.0 Okay28 Jun. 2021
The staff was friendly but I was told upon arrival that there was no phone number attached to my car rental therefore they could not call me to verify the size of vehicle I need so I didn’t have a vehicle at the time of pickup that was big enough for my family tripThey could’ve emailed me the question at least before the time of pickup do so I could’ve had a car to meet my families requirements or contacted the third party because I was left without a vehicle for a planned family trip
2.0 Mediocre21 Dec. 2020
its poor and imprecise service at work
10.0 Excellent17 Oct. 2020
Staff was very courteous and helpfulNo improvement or recommendation
2.0 Mediocre12 Sep. 2020
The air outside was pleasantStaff at 45th and Western came across as unprofessional severely lacking customer service skills. If I was there boss they'd been looking for new jobs
3.6 Mediocre2 Apr. 2017
Don't book on KayakI booked a economy car and Kayak told me it would be around $56 per day. I arrived at Enterprise after my flight at 11:30 p.m. and was told the only car left was a Dodge Durango and I was charged $150 for not even 24 hours. I would have been stranded without getting as I needed to get to Amarillo to Santa Fe by morning. The guy in front of me faced the same issue and had to take another SUV. So, don't book on Kayak because what they promise you is false.
8.4 Excellent30 Mar. 2017
Different drop off than pick upThe car was clean and sufficient for our needsIt was not clear that the car pick up was way off the airport premises. The car rental at the airport was $200 plus dollars more when we went to their booth and was informed our car was from somewhere else. After paying $30 to get to the correct pick up spot they did not have the size we reserved because of an accident. The lady was very kind and did the best she could to locate a small size vehicle but it took about an hour out of our day. At first we were offered a large SUV but that would of been twice the gas money. I guess rental companies picking up one place and dropping off at another.
10.0 Excellent17 Mar. 2017
The car was reasonable on fuel
2.0 Mediocre27 Oct. 2016
Unhappy that at&t bill wasn't acceptedThe enterprise employee was very helpful and accommodating, and the prices were idealAll the proof we were told to bring was excessive, and then when we brought it, three loopholes that weren't mentioned made it impossible to rent from entetprise. #1 our bill wasn't Suddenlink or a necessity and it was the only one up to date on late fees. So we were unapproved in the end. #2 one family member was paying and one was driving. So we both had to prove liability of course and the fact that we live in the same house with the same proof of residence wasn't acceptable #3 the fact that a twenty one year old was paying while a 50 year old was driving tacked on a $40 fee because the car was in the twenty one year olds name. Too many loopholes and too difficult to become approved, then if that's possible too much red tape and nickle and dime-ing being tacked on at the last minute. But great customer service and respect!
6.8 Good24 Sep. 2016
No washer fluid + reservoir with hole!It's a good, roomy small car.The worse thing was it was impossible to wash the wipers while driving! Upon discovering there was no washer liquid in the reservoir, we attempted to fill it and it just ran out onto the ground. I hope this gets fixed, and on this particular car the marks of where wide take had been put on the 3 passenger doors should be removed alsao.
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1 location in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
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1 location in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
Recent reviews
1 location in Amarillo
Locations in Amarillo
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  • Since it’s not a large city with an extensive public transportation system, it’s recommended to explore Amarillo with the convenience of a personal car. If you can’t bring your own, consider renting one from car rentals in Amarillo. Most of the cars have updated maps to help you easily navigate the city and its surroundings without having to worry about getting lost. You can explore destinations such as Cadillac Ranch, 10 miles south of Amarillo, then find your way to Paro Duro Canyon State Park, 26 miles from Amarillo.
  • Once you arrive at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, you can choose your car from the car rental facility located within the airport. You can easily find the rental car counter in the baggage claim area and the car will be parked right outside the baggage claim. Some of these rental companies include Avis, National, and Enterprise. You may find it easier to book your car through KAYAK and have it waiting for you at the airport terminal.
  • One important thing you should be wary of when driving in Amarillo is cell phone prohibition. It’s largely prohibited in Texas, so be careful if you plan to venture out and enjoy the attractions the state has to offer. Still, you may use a hands-free feature such as Bluetooth, speakerphone, or a voice-activated device.
  • There is little to no traffic in Amarillo, making the locals refer to their rush-hour as "rush minute" instead. This is mostly between 7am and 8am. Ross-Mirror Street, Washington Street, and Georgia Street are among the busiest roads in Amarillo. Only a few Downtown Amarillo streets are slightly tricky to navigate, as they are one-way streets. However, this is no different from most towns, so if you’re careful, you’ll be okay.
  • Book your car hire in Amarillo at least 8 weeks before your trip in order to get a below-average price
  • Mini car hires in Amarillo are around -49% cheaper than other car types, on average

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