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This fabled city, rich with history, culture, and tradition, has become a sprawling urban center hosting 2.5 million inhabitants and tens of thousands of travelers at any one time. Surrounded by some of the world's greatest peaks, Kathmandu has mountains of its own in the form of ancient monuments and temples.

As a capital, Kathmandu is the epicenter of economic and political life in Nepal, which significantly colors any visit. The most developed region in the nation, Kathmandu offers visitors the chance to not only experience a vibrant culture, but to enjoy luxury amenities, fantastic shopping, and cosmopolitan cuisine.

Whether you're looking to gather your bearings in the city before launching a mountain trek, or you're just interested in museums, stores, and tea shops, Kathmandu delivers. There is something for every traveler in this ancient metropolis.

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Kathmandu is a relatively temperate and warm city, with winter highs hovering around 66 degrees, and summer highs peaking around 90 degrees. However, summer also sees very high rainfall, and winter lows reach the low thirties, so preparation is required no matter when you visit. Spring and fall may be the best times to visit, as weather is mild and rain less frequent.

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Where to Stay in Kathmandu

Most hotels are located in the Thamel district, although there are others scattered throughout the city. Kathmandu has a wide range of accommodation for both budget and luxury travelers. Alobar1000 is a popular guest house, while the Hotel Shanker is a former palace converted into a hotel.

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Shopping Streets

Everything from jewelry to electronics can be found in Kathmandu's markets, which take place throughout the city. Kathmandu is also known for its many bookshops, which are stocked with both classics and travel guides. Thamel has many second-hand bookshops. If you are looking for clothing, a high-quality pair of jeans can be found for about रू3,000, while local, traditionally made goods cost far less.

Groceries and Other

Kathmandu has many convenience stores and a number of supermarkets, including Bhat Bhateni and Big Mart. However, you'll find plenty of food sold on the street as well. A loaf of bread will cost around रू90, while a dozen eggs fetches रू190.

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Where to Eat in Kathmandu

Kathmandu's cuisine is one of the city's main attractions. The momo, a dumpling which can be filled with buffalo, chicken, or vegetables, can be found from street vendors throughout town, and is often paired with daal, curry, stewed vegetables, a pickle, and curd. Chiya, a milky tea, is a must as well. If you eat at a tourist restaurant, expect prices to be at least 25 percent higher than elsewhere. Meals can approach रू300 at a tourist establishment, but locals pay much less. Angan serves great Masala Dhosa for around रू70, while Wunjala Moskva hosts performances by local dancers.