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You're Going to Love Buenos Aires

From the ornate and beautifully preserved streets of European-style architecture to a nightlife scene that keeps the city hopping until dawn, Buenos Aires is anything but boring.

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, and also its largest. Plaza de Mayo is the center of the city. You'll find Buenos Aires a cosmopolitan and very multicultural city - one of the most diverse in South America - with a varied cuisine and thriving arts scene on offer.

More than just the city and buildings, you'll fall in love with the people of Buenos Aires, known as Porteños. Noisy, passionate, opinionated, they light up the city both day and night with the kind of energy that can't be put out. From the cafes to the city streets to the nightclubs where international DJs entertain the hip crowds, Buenos Aires is a feast for all the senses.

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With a subtropical climate, Buenos Aires is a year-round destination for tourists. The weather in Buenos Aires is usually hot and humid during the summer. January is the hottest month, with temperatures in the 80s on average, rising to close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are usually mild, with temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees, with occasional blasts of cold air from the Antarctic. Spring through fall are the busiest times for tourism.

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Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

On the value priced end of the scale, you'll find properties like Icaro Suites. Urban Suites Recoleta Boutique Hotel is modern and stylish, while sumptuous room with upscale amenities at the Alvear Palace Hotel gives you a high-end experience.

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Shopping Streets

The streets of Palermo Soho are lined with brand name boutiques, and plenty of cafes when you need to sit down and take a break. The weekend street fair at Plaza Palermo Viejo is a treasure trove for fashionistas looking to find good bargains on trendy jewelry and leather purses. San Telmo is where to look for antiques, and a Sunday fair on Defensa Street where you can find local artisan souvenirs like ponchos and other textile work.

Groceries and Other

There are several grocery store chains in Buenos Aires, including Disco, Dia Supermercado, and Norte, which are typically well stocked and reasonably priced. Coto is a huge department store, something like Walmarts, where you'll find a large grocery section at lower prices. A quart of milk costs about AR$20, while a dozen eggs should run about AR$41.

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Where to Eat in Buenos Aires

With a vast menu of multicultural cuisine citywide, steak is still king in Buenos Aires, with many parrilla or steakhouses. Among the best is Don Julio, in the Palermo neighborhood, with meals starting at about AR$220 per person. The city is also full of pizzerias. Among the most popular is El Cuartito in the Recoleta neighborhood; try local specialties like the fugazzeta, a pizza topped with curly onions, that will set you back about AR$12 for a single slice. For classic tapas, try La Esperanza de los Ascurra in Villa Crespo, where the dishes start at AR$15, with a well-stocked vermouth bar to add to the appeal.