Feng Shui Travel Guide 2018: Where To Visit For Good Luck This Year

By Noam Elsner

The Ultimate Feng Shui Travel Guide According To Your Chinese Horoscope

2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog. While the Lunar New Year celebration starts on 15 February, according to Chinese Feng Shui theory, your good luck for the year starts from Lichun (beginning of spring in the traditional East Asian calendar), which this year, falls on 4th February.

So where should you aim to travel this year for some good luck? We consulted with Hong Kong Feng Shui master Tong Wong,  who gave us a few tips for where to point your compass – calculated based on Flying Star Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Travel: 4 Luckiest Directions to Travel to in 2018


Evening in Mikrolimano marina in Athens, Greece.
Evening in Mikrolimano marina in Athens, Greece.

The first lucky star is flying in the Northwest direction this year. Travelling in this direction can boost your luck and wealth! And lucky for you, there are plenty of options in this direction. Here are just a few…

Chengdu, Hong Kong, SingaporeDa Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Bali, Bangkok, Phuket, New Delhi, Malé, Warsaw, Athens, Zagreb, Belgrade, London, Birmingham


Top of Mt.Wellington in Hobart city, Tasmania island, Australia.
Top of Mt.Wellington in Hobart city, Tasmania island, Australia.

If you’re looking for a promotion at work or better grades at school or professional exams, South is the direction you should travel this year – which means it’s time for a trip to Tasmania! Except if you live in Tasmania… in which case, we probably can’t help you.

Flights to Tasmania


Girl leaning out of the car window - mountain scenery

Southwest is the direction to travel to this year if you’re looking for a rejuvenating getaway from your busy work life. If your job is related to administration or finance, travelling to this direction can even attract wealth and improve leadership! Granted, if you live on the south coast, there may not be a lot in that direction, but if you live in Sydney or Brisbane, there’s always Melbourne… Otherwise, take a drive somewhere!

Flights to Melbourne


Feng Shui view of Akaroa, South Island New Zealand
View of Akaroa, New Zealand

The star of wealth is flying to the Southeast this year. Travelling to this direction can attract wealth and fame, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or planning to start a business. And what better place to stir up some deep ideas for a new start than New Zealand’s South Island, with its awe-inspiring scenery?


Flights to Christchurch

Flights to Dunedin


For more suggestions, including where to go based on your Chinese Zodiac symbol, read on here!

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