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Customer Service Did Not Give Me Refund I Was PROMCons:I spent $200 to rent an economy car from Oakland and return to Burbank for less than 12 hours. I bought a prepaid gas tank ($34) and the representative in Oakland promised that I would be refunded if I returned the car with a full tank. However, upon arriving to Burbank with a full tank, they denied my refund and forwarded me to the corporate office. The "executive" at the corporate office refuses to give me a refund unless I show him proof of purchase. He somehow thinks I drove hundreds of miles without using a drop of gas, or thinks there is a difference between the full tank of gas I got at pickup and the full tank of gas I left at drop off. Either these people are stupid or just plain thieves. Either way, $200 for an economy rental is a rip off and these people lie or do not compensate for their employees incompetence. STAY AWAY FROM PAYLESS. They will nickel and dime you and scam you if they get a chance.Reviewed 21 Sep. 2016
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Cons:huge delay at pickup. Chaotic and dangerous. No social distancing, no attempt to address situation to reduce crowd. No staff. Never again!Reviewed 30 May 2020
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Cons:Although i had all the requirements to rent a car, they would not rent to me and it cost me a plane ticket. 95 usd and a hotel room 80usd to go home to Las Vegas. I will not recommend themReviewed 28 Oct. 2020
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Beware non US residentsCons:For the first time in my travel to US in last 40 years, I was asked to show my Canadian passport in addition to driver's license at the Oakland airport site of car rental. This probably has to do with new reality of US political situation.The system at the site is totally outdated. In my rental invoice the insurance cost was added without asking, if I wanted it or not. The whole process took more than 15 minutes while there was along line up and people were standing out in the cold. Just a week prior, I had rented a car from Enterprize where the process was extremely smooth and my passport was not requested.Reviewed 18 Dec. 2016
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Not worth itPros:Cheap, I guess? Not really a good value though, and I won't rent from them again.Cons:Picking up the car took 45 minutes - there was only one person working and several customers waiting. The first car they gave me smelled strongly of smoke, so I got another. The second car had over 40,000 miles and showed some wear. I also later found that the heater didn't work, making for a cold weekend - I didn't have enough time to go exchange cars. Drop-off was also a problem - they don't accept dropoffs after hours! Not realizing I would arrive after the office was closed, I had to drive back again in the morning.Reviewed 22 Nov. 2016
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Gave me unsafe car in the darkCons:I rented a car after work on Friday to take to the eastern Sierras for a long weekend. When I picked up the car it was dark out. They gave me a form to do a car inspection. The car body was fine, and nothing popped out as bad on it (the first car they had me look at needed an oil change). I didn't even think to look at the wheels. I parked it overnight inside garage, then left the following morning. Three hours into our trip we stopped for lunch. On the walk out to the car I noticed a bit of hubcap missing on the front left wheel. It turned out to not be hubcap, but actual wheel! The actual wheel was damaged, exposing part of the bead of the tire. I immediately called payless, and was told to take it to the closest payless (about 2 hours away). After driving for about 30 minutes, I was a bit worried about an impending blowout (on a front tire, no less) and decided to pull over and put the spare tire on. To my frustration, I found that our rental car had no spare tire! Nervously, we drove the rest of the way to the closest payless in Fresno, where we were initially told it would be no problem, and that they would swap cars out for us. The only catch was the car needed to be returned to Fresno?! They did finally offer us a "high millage" minivan, that we could take one way, which we politely declined. At that point we cancelled the rest of the payless rental and got a one way rental from dollar, that was affordable, drivable, had a spare tire, and the agent was extremely helpful. When we were just about to leave, the payless employee came out and notified us that his manager told him we would potentially be charged for the damaged wheel. So... Overall, payless rented us an unsafe vehicle, turned our 5-6 hour day of travel into 11, and may make us financially responsible for the whole thing. They haven't yet, but it's a call I'm not really looking forward to.Reviewed 22 Oct. 2015
review fromkayak
Pros:If there were a lower rating than poor, that would be how I would rate Payless.Cons:I had a reservation for months before my trip, yet when I arrived at Payless to pick up my car, the girl nicely responded, "so sorry – we are out of cars." Another man in front of me had received the same response. So sorry – we are out of cars. We were stuck in the middle of An empty Payless rental car parking lot in the middle of nowhere. The girl said she would suggest we just wait because sooner or later, someone would return a car. Because we had no other options We sat down in the plastic chairs, sighed and waited as we heard the same response to the customers behind us. So sorry, we have no cars. She finally added "I don't know why they do this to us…" I was there about an hour And finally, someone return the car. Rather than wait until it was cleaned, I said I would take it dirty. Never ever ever rent from Payless rental cars!Reviewed 7 May 2017
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CrapyPros:The counter person seemed to careCons:I reserved an SUV because I was bringing my family. I had a stroller 7 bags 2 kids and my wife and I. We waited 2.5 hours for a car with a 2 year old and an 11 week old out in the cold. They did not have the vehicle I reserved and tried putting me in a Elantra I couldn't even put my stroller in it. Luckily my family drove up and was able to bring their truck to grab my stroller and one bag that wouldn't fit. The answer to the issue by Payless was "sorry" I will lot be using this system or that car rental again if my family wasn't there Me my wife and kids would be stuckReviewed 30 Nov. 2015
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Cons:Grossly understaffed. No service at return. No record of return when I called next day. Under investigation.Reviewed 26 Mar. 2021
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Pros:The staff were incredibly patient and kind.Reviewed 23 Mar. 2021
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Cons:Sorry my bad. I screwed up. Will actually not fully my fault. I did indicate I wanted to rent from SFO airport and it also apparently gave me options for Oakland airport rentals and I rented a car from there without realizing. Duh! Will anyway it was nonrefundable and I'm screwed out of $140. So since kayak sent me a request via email for a review of my car rental it's fair to say it didn't go so well!Reviewed 9 May 2021
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Pros:nothingCons:I reserved the car and was scheduled to pick it up at 8PM. I showed up a little bit late, and I assume this would be no problem, because the Oakland Airport Rental Car Center is open 24 hours a day. When I got to the car rental center, no one was at the Payless desk, and another lady told me that Payless closes at 8PM. So why would I be allowed to reserve a car for pickup at the time that the desk closes? So anyway, I had to change my trip plans because I had no rental car.Reviewed 29 Mar. 2021
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  • 25% of our users found hire cars from Payless at Oakland Airport for $43 or less
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  • On average a hire car from Payless at Oakland Airport costs $60 per day.

  • Intermediate (Hyundai Accent or similar) is the most frequently booked hire car type from Payless at Oakland Airport.

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