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The costumer service horrible.Pros:No issues with the vehicle.Cons:The costumer service horrible, one of the representatives tried to tip me off by forcing me to get add one that another representative latter explained we’re not required. I really hope your company make crucial changes to the incentives you give your employees and the training or else you will not only loose existing customers, but potential customers. Know this will be the last time I ever even consider doing business with this company and if asked, I will try my best to help anyone looking for a rental to steer clear of this company due to my horrible experience.Reviewed 8 Jan. 2020
review fromcheapflights
Only choose if you value your money more than yourPros:-low rental price -nice car that was clean and fancier than what I ordered -several people i interacted with (shuttle driver, drop off guy) seemed nice and friendly -if you have lots of time and are trying to save money, this could be a good option; however, if you are in a hurry or have an appointment you need to get to, etc. I would suggest paying more for a better experience.Cons:-airport shuttle did not see me even though I was waving my hand, did not stop; another one right behind also did not stop and look for people; next one came 30 minutes later, not 10 as the company suggested -we were packed in like sardines in the shuttle; long lines once we got there -during rental process, I said I wanted to pay the minimum but the person put the loss of use fee on anyway (she did take it off once I asked her to) -car was not ready, but that worked to my benefit because there was a better one they gave me -at drop off, same thing; took forever to drop off, then forever for the shuttle to get to the airport (some of this was traffic, but there was also another stop before the airport) -in general just a very time consuming and unsatisfying experienceReviewed 17 Jun. 2016
review fromkayak
Very poor service never renting from payless or foPros:NothingCons:The rental was recieved dirty, When calling to extend the hold time was 2 hours to reach the LAX branch, Very poor customer service by the employees at the airport, Employees were laughing and talking with each other and not even worrying about the customers, Payless has a trouble of understanding the different types of vehicles as to i reserved a full size SUV which is similar to a tahoe but offered a Santa Fe instead. On top of all that when returning the car i was injured on my foot by the spike strips at the door which were just left out without even a warning to customers about them. Payless and Fox needs to work on a lot of things.Reviewed 14 Mar. 2017
review fromkayak
Car was only good thingPros:The vehicle was great!Cons:The woman “helping” us upon check in. Horrible service, the woman was rude and unapologetic. Very horrible experience and I don’t get upset easy and this was one of the worst experiences. I’ve been in the Hospitality industry 15 years and she was the opposite of an employee you would want in the front dealing with customers. Absolutely ludacris. Plus to top it off she double or triple charged my dads card, “denied us” from paying with his card because he want present so I tried paying with my card and ran it, when checking my credit card statement there was no charge and she ended up charging his card again. Just absolutely ridiculous.Reviewed 4 Dec. 2018
review fromkayak
A very rude, disrespectful and demeaning customer servicePros:Nothing. I will never use this place again to save me 10-20 dollars, I rather keep my dignity.Cons:It started with the very rude shuttle driver who was very rude to people (e.g. several times you heard him say "gee, you're welcome" or complaining about nobody saying thanks to him although he looked so unfriendly and angry from the beginning that nobody dared to say something.). At the counter I met one of the most condescending, rude and obnoxious sales representative in my entire life. I even had to verbally confront him and ask him literally why is he being so hostile to me. But looking at the faces of all other employees, it seemed that he wasn't an exception. I'm sure, there are not bad people, but if so many workes in one place are that bitter, it must mean that the company is certainly underpaying them and probably giving them shitty working conditions. So yes, it was fair to get that kind of treatment for it seems that I was supporting a company that maltreats their employees. I just became part of that chain.Reviewed 29 Aug. 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:They didn't make my husband aware we needed an Deposit and once I got there all the way to Los Angeles I thought $133 was all i needed but that was totally bogus I ended up having to wait on the side of the road for a family friend to pick me up. I had two diff cards I could've paid deposit for with one then rental price with the other but they said they don't don't that they only can use 1 card. So my experience for horrible also the lines were ridiculously long as if they were selling cars instead of renting them. It was awfulReviewed 30 Aug. 2016
review fromkayak
Horrible customer service, rude employees, mismanaged, total joke org.Pros:My horrendous "FOX" experience started at the LAX location pickup counter with a girl named Feven. She told me that my reservation had "expired" because I came 2 hours after the time I had reserved to pickup my seven passenger SUV. Though that never was made clear to me when booking online as a possibility. She told me they don't have the 7 passenger SUV I reserved but I could have a much smaller one for the same price I had agreed to pay for the bigger one. When I refused her offer she asked me to go walk to another area to search for an employee named Chantelle to ask if any similar to the one I had booked were available. I actually tried but alas I couldn't find Chantelle and walked back to Feven and told her that Chantelle was nowhere to be found--Then Feven hemmed and hawed and yelled at another customer who asked her if she could help him--she was so offended that someone would dare interrupt the wonderful service she was in the process of giving me /s. Then to my surprise Feven again asked me to go search for Chantelle to find out if the car I booked was available--As if she couldn't use her computer to see their inventory or pick up the phone herself to ask her co-worker. When I refused to go search again for Chantelle, I asked her to call Chantelle or go find her herself and Feven stormed off to do who knows what. Feven then came back and printed out a pick up slip for the 7 passenger SUV I had reserved and she processed my payment. I thought to myself finally!! I'll just go pick up my SUV and get out of here. All this was going on while my wife and 3 kids waiting with all our luggage near where the shuttle had dropped us off. Then the whole exercise started again with another employee Jaime in the pick up area who told me "sir we had two of the cars you ordered come back with nails in their tires, I could have given one to you and not said anything and put your family in danger, would you have wanted that?"At this point I'm fuming inside so that was the moment I started looking up Enterprise's number to pay whatever price for the SUV that worked for us, but we saw another customer successfully yell to get the car she had ordered--so my wife and I followed her example. Only when I raised my voice and yelled about how much time they were wasting, and my wife too explained how there was no way we'd fit into the small SUV they were trying to get us to accept, somehow (as if by magic) the exact car I reserved pulled up and I was handed the keys. Their business model is clearly to book at low prices, try to get you to take a sub par car and only if you fight for it, finally give you what you had booked. The car itself worked fine and I didn't have any trouble with it, but the pickup experience was so horrendous that I would NEVER use Fox/Payless again and i will go out of my way to share my experience if anyone even brings up the idea of renting a car.Cons:See aboveReviewed 23 Apr. 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:The check-in and drop-off was excruciatingly slow, for no discernible reason. I waited in line at check-in for more than 45 minutes, although there were only 3 parties in front of me when I arrived. After returning the car, the shuttle driver drove off with me literally at the door, on a Sunday night when the always-bad LAX traffic was absolutely horrific. As a result, although I arrived at the airport 2 hours and 45 minutes before my flight, I was the very last person to board, and only made it onto the flight because my daughter was already on and advocating to wait for me. A nightmare that was totally unnecessary. I also did not find any of the Fox personnel (except for the second shuttle driver) to be at all kind, compassionate, or particularly competent. I will not be renting from Fox ever again.Reviewed 30 Dec. 2019
review fromkayak
Shallow on lot staffing for returns.Cons:It was an early drop-off, 6:00 a.m., and there was only one lot attendant. He was busy with two difficult drop-offs ahead of me (one didn't return the car on time and was arguing the contractual additional fee, the other didn't return the car full of gasoline and was arguing the contractual price per gallon). He handled them professionally, but mine was a straightforward return and I wanted to get on my way. He was friendly and engaged me with respect, we commented on people who don't read contracts, and he sent me off with wishes for safe travel, so I don't fault him at all. Better staffing would be nice, especially at an international airport.Reviewed 17 Nov. 2018
review fromkayak
Poor serviceCons:As a first timer to renting a car I have no idea what the "rules" are so when the website allows me to reserve a car under my name and use someone else's DEBIT card I'm thinking everything is good. But NO, I get to the rental place to pick up my vehicle and they tell me "you can't use a debit card, it has to be a CREDIT card" ok fine. I go back home (20 miles) cancel that reservation and do another one with a CREDIT CARD .. go back to the rental place and now I can't get the car because the credit card isn't the same name as the reservation name ... at this point I was beyond upset and just left .... WHY DO YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? I think the website should not let you make a reservation unless EVERYTHING is under the same name the first time around. Safe to say I will never use this againReviewed 30 May 2017
review fromkayak
Worst Experience EverPros:Nothing.Cons:After placing a reservation MONTHS in advance I arrived in LA to discover three families waiting in front of me for minivans and no minivans on the lot. Waited over an hour and a half and finally took a Ford Explorer that drove in while we were waiting. Also, instead of trying to fix the problem, the staff was rude and unwilling to help and unwilling to understand that instead of continuing to clean the 50 subcompacts they had waiting they should have been cleaning the larger cars to help get families moving. Will never rent from this company ever again.Reviewed 10 Apr. 2016
review fromkayak
It's not worth the small savings.Pros:What did I like, I like that in the face of their crappy service and their inability to meet the needs of the customers they agreed to , most of the employees remained professional and courteous.Cons:This place is garbage and I will never use them again. In fact, I don't make it a practice to tell people where to shop or rent from, good or bad, but I am now on a mission to keep all my friends from suffering my fate at the hands of this subpar business. We arrive at the airport and while all other rental companies have multiple shuttles running Fox has 2, maybe a third. So, we wait half hour to 45 minutes to get there from LAX. Now there's the 45 minute wait to get to the counter. Once at the counter the agent regales me with the horrors of not accepting their insurance. I get the upsell but come on, no is no. After this is done I'm told I'll have to wait another 45 minutes for a car to be ready. Now I'd booked my vehicle weeks in advance, why do I have to wait, I've sunk enough time into this crappy place. I ask the counter person to speak to a supervisor, she tells me she is one and there's nothing she can do - we're a discount agency so nowhere will I find a better price, deal with the wait. Eventually I get info that there is actually a manager on site - he's familiar with customer service and puts up with an insane tongue lashing from another upset customer. Now, I worked service industry and customer service too long to yell at anyone, I know they aren't doing this to me personally and, that if they don't have cars my yelling wont make one magically appear. So, I say I know it's not his fault but neither is it mine and I need some sort of compensation - I was offered a minivan but come on, Machete don't text and I don't minivan. Anyway, as a compensation for my wait I was given a break on my charges and I was more than happy to accept that and, please that the manager and the poor guy assigning cars to people were trying their best - they were. It's just that this place has garbage cars, and overextended themselves. The car was kind of beat up, but it's a rental, I needed to get from point A to B safely, and that I did. Customer service is something you have to work for here, and if you don't know how to, you're screwed - a whole lot of people just waiting for cars they shouldn't have been waiting for. So, a couple of hours wasted on a quick 4 day trip kind of sucks but it wont ruin my vacation, I just wont save 40-50 bucks next time and splurge on a big, reputable and more professional company, some things are worth it. The shuttle ride back to the airport was silly. They don't run enough shuttles and they wanted to tell me and my family to wait for the next one - Fox got all they waiting out of me they wee going to on arriving, no thank you. Check in for return was easy enough. Now, a week and change later...waiting on $240 to be refunded on my card - it's suppose to be a chipped card error with their system and the bank. Save yourself the headache and hassle, go with a bigger company who know how to handle volume without inconveniencing you. I wont mention the dirty bathroom or waiting room.Reviewed 24 May 2016
review fromkayak

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  • 25% of our users found hire cars from Fox at Los Angeles Airport for $35 or less
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