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Orlando, FL, United States - Orlando
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"The was fine."(in 34 reviews)
"The was fine."(in 34 reviews)
"The was fine."(in 34 reviews)


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Pros:everyone I dealt with at nextcar was great… What sucks is when they tell you that as a local resident you have to put down a $2000 deposit, and not unlimited miles as advertised, only 50 miles per day were free, and .75 cents per mile after that. But still a great value and the vehicle was top notch and ran excellent.Reviewed 13 Dec. 2020
review fromkayak
Pros:Not a lot.Cons:Pushed SunPass and other products without explaining that there we opportunities to pay tolls in person. Service representative on pick-up was more interested in checking personal email and text than customer service and was irritated with questions. The car was clean but the perfume/air freshener was SO HEAVY it left us with a headache and clung to our clothes. There were no clearly labeled areas for drop-off/return, leaving it up to the customer to decide where to park. Overall, I’ll use an Uber or other rental agency in the future rather than NextCarReviewed 15 Feb. 2021
review fromkayak
Cons:My flight was delayed and they charged me 100 dollars for not being in time, also I was calling many times before that, and never answer the phone.Reviewed 3 Feb. 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:This place is a scam! Added a $100 fee because I had American Family insurance. They said they normally don't work with them so its $100 administration fee. Then tried to sell me a toll pass for $25.00 a day when I refused they said there will be $25.00 fee per toll from them no matter what even if I pay cash at the Toll. Be very carful at this place its very sketchy. Also the car we receive had used masks in the car and one of the seatbelts did not work. I would stay away from this place.Reviewed 15 Feb. 2021
review fromkayak
Cons:The car really really needs an alignment. I had to pull the steering wheel hard to the right my entire trip.Reviewed 22 Feb. 2021
review fromkayak
Cons:Total rip off. Plane was delayed, tried to call, they dont answer! Could go on for days. Stay away!Reviewed 19 Dec. 2020
review fromkayak
Pros:The pickup and drop was excellent...the driver Eddie was a real pleasureCons:This place is very dishonest. Was quoted one price, now that I look back was too good to be true, get to the counter they would not accept my insurance. Mind you I have an excellent driving record and plenty of coverage on my own insurance. They told me I'd have to buy their way overpriced insurance at $30 a day! So we went from less than $290 for two weeks of rental to more than $700!!! Of course I refused and took an Uber. Stay away from them. Stay away.Reviewed 14 Jul. 2020
review fromkayak
Pros:They picked us up pretty quickly from the airport.Cons:They forced us to buy their car insurance which ended up tripling the quoted price.Reviewed 7 Jul. 2020
review fromkayak
Cons:We purchased our car rental and the insurance plan we were offered through Kayak when we arrived for our car not only was our reservation canceled bc we didn't arrive exactly at our arrival time bc our flight time was pushed back but we were informed that we needed different insurance in addition to watch we already had paid for. We had to pay for a reinstatement of our plan, then we were told they didnt have the same size car that we rented so we would have to pay more for a smaller SVU on top of it. We ended up being charged 2x as much as our original reservation. On top of all that we were lied to about needing to pay for the toll easy pass. I flat out asked the guy at the desk how many toll roads we would drive on while we were there and he said 3. Not once did we encounter a toll road! All in all it was a terrible experience and I will never rent from them again. Every customer that was in and out of there was extremely dissatisfied and disgruntled. We were not the only ones. I honestly felt bad for the employees behind the counter bc we watched them all being yelled at by disgruntled customers.Reviewed 28 Aug. 2020
review fromkayak
Pros:Nothing.Cons:Everything. Outrageous deposits. Outrageous car insurance requirements/ upgrades. Ridiculous toll fees. There were 5 bookings on our shuttle. 1 person took their rental, 4 of us canceled our reservationsReviewed 11 Jan. 2021
review fromkayak
Cons:The shuttle took more than half an hour to pick us up. We had to call the company for it to come. The guy over the phone mentioned that we needed to call for requesting the shuttle (there is not mention of that in the reserve or website) The clerk at the counter said that it was not necessary to call. I was forced to buy a liability insurance even though the website suggested it was optional. The clerk mentioned that there was no other way to rent the car. I did not make the effort to look for other option, the Nextcar location in Orlando is far away the airport and it was already late in the night. The car seems to be rebuilt, the spots in the seats were horrible. The radio volume did not work properly. I was looking for an economic rental and ended up paying almost like renting with the major brands.Reviewed 12 Jan. 2021
review fromkayak
Pros:The price they advertised is just to get people. My 6 days rental reservation cost was suppose to be less than $200 with taxes, insurance and the actual rental cost. However when I got there the cost went up by $300+. First they claim I can’t use my own sunpass, (I have to rent theirs for $14 a day) ridiculous!. Their insurance cost went from $11 a day to $40, I couldn’t understand why because I’m a safe driver. I did ask if I can use my own insurance, which they refused, claiming I didn’t have enough coverage, but I did have enough to their requirements. The short of this long story is, it will cost you way more than what you’re suppose to pay when you get there! The prices isn’t real, they will find ways to add to your actual cost. I wasn’t the only customer they tried that bs with, 2 other people literally curse the reps out because of their company shady additional prices. If you’re wondering if any of us who was there eventually got a rental afterall, the answer is NO. We all took the shuttle and went to another company. The staff seem cool though, I guess they’re accustom to people surprised reactions.Reviewed 6 Dec. 2020
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Top tips for renting a car from NextCar at Orlando Airport

  • Economy hire cars from NextCar at Orlando Airport are around 36% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car from NextCar at Orlando Airport

  • On average a hire car from NextCar at Orlando Airport costs $50 per day.

  • Mini (Class Minivan or similar) is the most frequently booked hire car type from NextCar at Orlando Airport.

  • 3255 McCoy Road is the closest NextCar hire car location to Orlando Airport. The telephone number for this location is +1 321 800 6002.

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