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Never Notified Business was ClosedCons:We arrived at the Orlando Airport Payless Car Rental counter only to find out that they were unable to give us our car because the drop off business in Myrtle Beach was not open on our drop-off day, even though we had a reservation. When I called Payless to talk to them about the Myrtle Beach drop off, they informed me that the Myrtle Beach location was closed, and had been closed for a month. We then had to scramble, cancel the insurance we had purchased for the car, and re-book with Hertz. Not impressed and will never use Payless again, or probably Kayak at that.Reviewed 12 Jun. 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:It took me 45 minutes to be picked up by the shuttle to go to the rental place off airport property. All the other major rental agencies are at the airport. I had to call for the shuttle 3 times to try to get them to come and pick me up and the person on the other end of the line was very rude and short. He told me use another phone and call back. They finally picked us up in a lane that was not designated for car rental. By this time there were so many people waiting there was almost not enough space for us, but we all crammed into the shuttle. Once I shuttled over to the rental building there was another 45 minute wait to get my car. It was so dark you could not inspect the auto. The agents were very high pressure trying to sell you, and scare you, into all kinds of charges that were not necessary. It felt like flying Spirit Airlines with all the hidden fees. I chose this company because it looked like it would save me a lot of money. When I returned my car there was nobody to receive my car right away and the shuttle left without me and I had to wait for the next one 15 minutes later which added more unneeded stress to my getting to the airport on time. Originally, I had booked another rental agency, Alamo, and once I received my final bill I went back to check the cost and it only saved me $6. Certainly not worth all the time and hassle to save such a small amount of money. I will never rent from Payless again.Reviewed 29 Oct. 2015
review fromkayak
A Really Bad First Time Experience with PaylessPros:The Chevy Tahoe was comfortable and easy to drive.Cons:There was only one counter agent working when I went to pick up my vehicle. He was working with a customer and there was some sort of problem as I waited for almost an hour. Then, they didn't have the vehicle I reserved and I had to wait an additional 15 minutes until they found something for me. It appears they gave me an Avis or Budget vehicle. It did not have enough space for all our luggage and passengers so we had to rent another vehicle from one of their competitors. I did not receive a reduced rate for a lower class of vehicle nor was I given a refund.Reviewed 30 Dec. 2018
review fromkayak
Rude manager, lying employees, terrible customer sCons:Rental agent lied/mislead me while renting the vehicle saying that there's no charge for damage insurance after i declined multiple times for the insurance. While returning the vehicle, I was charged for the insurance. When i complained about it, the location manager was very rude and didn't want to listen. He even threatened to call cops on me and left. I ended up filing complaint with corporate office of payless (ticket #466858). And even for that ticket i haven't received any satisfactory reply. This whole experience has led me to believe Payless doesn't care for its customers and just wanna make money by any means possible. I am not gonna use this company ever again and will tell the same to anyone and everyone.Reviewed 8 Apr. 2016
review fromkayak
Don't Use Payless!!!Pros:Absolutely nothing.Cons:It took us almost an hour just to get the car; there were only 2 people working for an onslaught of customers and they were horribly disorganized. That meant me and our kids standing outside in the rain while my husband stood in line for 30mins and then at the counter for another 20 or so because they "couldn't find the keys". The price I was quoted supposedly included all taxes and fees, but when we got to the rental store it was almost $100 more than what we were originally quoted. When I called to get clarification, the operator said the amount charged to me was "way too much" and the specific place I rented from (Orlando, Florida) was "trying to cheat me". This response made me extremely uneasy, obviously. The operator suggested I "haggle the price" when I return the car; I don't think I need to explain why this response is incredibly unprofessional and concerning. Sadly, since this was the only option, we planned on "haggling" about the price upon returning the car. We called and were assured that it would be open at the time of return. Yet, when we arrived at 5am, we were met with "oh sorry, we're not actually open right now, we can't talk about the price with you at this time, we can only accept the car for return". On top of all of the that, the quality of the car was awful, we paid for a car with a 3rd row for our big family and there were only two vents in the very front of the car and the placement of the vents offered NO ac to the back rows. Driving consisted of sweating/crying kids because they were miserably hot. We travel and have to rent cars fairly often and I have never experienced such dishonesty, disorganization, and lack of professionalism. There was not one single redeeming quality about my experience and it's unlikely that I will use again since they are the ones who recommended Payless!Reviewed 13 Aug. 2016
review fromkayak
Cons:I was told if I brought back the car with a half a tank of gas they would adjust my bill so I would only be charged for one half of the prepaid cost. However, I was charged the full amount. It showed if I had a veteran or AARP card that I could get a free upgrade. However, they told me that I did not qualify because I used your service. When I ask for directions from Orlando to the Villages, they told me there was maps for me to look at. However, all the maps was for local Orlando. When I asked if anyone (6 employees) knew how to get to the Village, all 6 said I don't know. So I had to go to drug store and get a state map.Reviewed 26 Feb. 2016
review fromkayak
No showPros:The priceCons:My flight was late 2 hrs. I went to pick up the car I rented and found BOTH counters at ORL terminals A and B closed! Tired I just want to get where I need to be. What do I do now? No phone number to call. I had to book a car through Avis the next counter, open. I asked the Avis representative what's up with Payless how come they are not even there. She says oh they close at 12. I ask but what happens to the customer? Answer: They hang! And that's precisely what happened to me! Is there a reason its called PayLess? Payless gets you less. In my case nothing and I am not even going to bother asking for a refund for a car I booked and did not get to use. I hope you are listening and reading these Payless. Never again, we'll see.Reviewed 7 Jun. 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:The staff was friendly and there was no line, even during a busy day at the airport.Cons:Finding the car in the garage was a bit confusing.Reviewed 22 Mar. 2021
review fromkayak
Too much upselling attemptedPros:Car was clean and drove wellCons:Initially, the agent told me that the only car available in the car class that I reserved, was a Kia. Then asked if I wanted to upgrade because "some people don't like that car", and asked me if I wanted to upgrade for $40 a day more. I was also charged a manditory towing coverage fee. The agent attempted to sell me insurance coverage even though I told her that I already purchased a coverage through kayak. She attempted to misinform me about the coverage that I purchased saying that it had a high deductible. When in fact it was 100% coverage. Then contradicted herself by saying that she was unfamiliar with the company that I chose.Reviewed 9 Feb. 2016
review fromkayak
They get you in a low price and get you out with wPros:Cheap Initial price Thats about it...Cons:-Claim that renter's insurance doesn't work at their company -Their contract is very tricky... makes you initial next to a box that says that "you accept or decline that coverage" but doesnt give you the chance to choose accept or decline so automatically charges you for it. -They try to get you in a larger car and after you say no, they still try a different vehicle outside the one you original reserved. After you say no again, they put you in the class you reserved, but give you the worst available car on their lot. -The car only had 5000 miles on it but it smelled awful. -I could go onReviewed 20 Jul. 2016
review fromkayak
Cons:Picked up car at night when it was dark and dropped off next morning. Drove to hotel and parked in open lot. Nothing hit the windshield while I was driving the car. When I left the car with the rep. (who was very nice) he yelled for me to come back and pointed out a crack that I never saw and he didn't until I had left. Since I never saw the crack and nothing hit the windshield in the short period I drove the car I will make it a point to thoroughly inspect a car regardless of the time of night and to not leave the car until the rep has gone over it twice. Other than that it was a fine rental and I plan to continue renting from you.Reviewed 23 Jan. 2018
review fromkayak
Professional ripoff artists!!Pros:The car was red. Fuel efficient too.Cons:After THREE calls to pick me up and over 45 minutes waiting at midnight, I was transported several miles away from the airport, where I stood in line for ANOTHER 45 minutes. The car was priced double what I was told online, AND they insisted that I purchase their insurance coverage or they would place a three hundred dollar hold on my card! I felt held hostage by these shysters, I had no choice other than call a cab back to the airport since their shuttle driver wouldn't take me back to the airport. I paid $450.00 for a seven day rental. I guess it's buyer beware, but make sure you know what you're getting into, check all fees and restrictions before you pick the cheapest! These people should be deported or at least investigated!! Do not do business with them!Reviewed 23 Nov. 2015
review fromkayak

Payless car rentals near Orlando Airport

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Top tips for renting a car from Payless at Orlando Airport

  • Economy hire cars from Payless at Orlando Airport are around 36% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car from Payless at Orlando Airport

  • On average a hire car from Payless at Orlando Airport costs $50 per day.

  • Intermediate (Hyundai Accent or similar) is the most frequently booked hire car type from Payless at Orlando Airport.

  • 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Term A & B is the closest Payless hire car location to Orlando Airport. The telephone number for this location is +1 407 856 5539.

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