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Phoenix, AZ, United States - Sky Harbor Intl
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Too long in line, too little staff...Pros:The car and the people were wonderful.Cons:Sunday afternoon, only agency with a line, only two people on the counter. Over an hour later, finally get done. Just not a happy way to start a journey.Reviewed 14 Feb. 2018
review fromkayak
This place is a total rip-offPros:Car was fine.Cons:We received a quote from Kayak for $197. But, by the time it was over we were billed over $460. When asked for an explanation all we got was, "fees and taxes." When I explained that fees and taxes were supposed to be included all he could was repeat himself. I didn't feel we had time to argue or escalate because he was by himself and already was being yelled at by another customer for an issue and the line was about 10 people deep and I didn't want to delay them any further either. Absolutely horrible experience.Reviewed 28 Mar. 2016
review fromkayak
Long Lines, Dirty CarPros:The price.Cons:Literally waited in line for over an hour to check in and get a car assigned. The first car we received had a low tire, and it was suggested that we wait and have it repaired. We did not agree to that. Second one was dirty inside and out, with lots of little dents and scratches. At check in, we waited for over 15 minutes for someone to show up and check in the vehicle. If it weren't for the fact that we saved some money on the rental, I would not recommend Advantage. It was almost not worth it.Reviewed 8 Jan. 2016
review fromkayak
Too many hidden fees & taxesPros:The car was nice & clean & pick up & drop off went quickCons:Never told about the $200 deposit even though I had called a week earlier & had asked what I needed when picking up existing rental reservation. Man was rude & made comments when I declined their insurance. I am fully covered by AMEX card. DO NOT take advantage of them filling gas tank when you return car - they say it’s cheaper, but it’s not. Charged for full tank. (I drive the same carolla & home & have never been able to fill up to 13+ gallons, no matter how empty the tank is. The most would be 11). Plus there was an extra $11 in taxes & fees. Was charged an extra $47 to fill a tank that was 3/4 empty. Car was ok - but service was not.Reviewed 10 Sep. 2018
review fromkayak
Check out the car before you buy the extra insurance.Pros:The car was a Prius and ran well. They gave me my license back quickly when I returned the car. Drop off was easy and quick.Cons:1) The line was not very long, but it was so slow (and only 2 people working) that it took nearly an hour to pick up the car. (2) Another couple was trying to drop off their car and complained that they were being charged for a small ding on the windshield which may have been there when they rented. (3) They threatened to charge "thousands of dollars" if anything happened and I didn't buy extra insurance to cover loss of car value if the car was hit. I bought it. (4) The car was filthy dirty. Just driving a few hours made my hand grey where it touched the steering wheel. (5) The car had been in multiple accidents and would not have lost any value had something happened. (5) The windshield had dings that could not be seen until driving into the brilliant Phoenix sunshine. (6) They did not give my my license back and I didn't notice until the next day. They did give me my credit card and rental agreement. By the time I paid for the extra insurance ($304 for 4 days), it would have been cheaper to rent from a better company.Reviewed 18 Apr. 2017
review fromkayak
Lies and Long LinesPros:The price was the best by 5 bucks.Cons:Waited in line for 30 minutes. There seemed to be a problem with every transaction ahead of me. I declined the insurance they suggested 3 times. Then the clerk repeatedly tried to sell me a tank of gas. She said gas was a dollar more if i bought it elsewhere. That was a lie. I told her i was only driving 10 miles. She said i would use the $45 dollars worth of gas because the air conditioner would be running. Ridiculous. I declined the upsell three times. Then when i got the surprise bill for a deposit of $200 (!) there was a $46 upcharge. I asked why. She said, for the gas. I reminded her i had said no, 3 times. She said she forgot. To top it all off, when i returned the car i was told that the $200 deposit would not be returned for several days.Reviewed 4 Aug. 2018
review fromkayak
Pros:The car rental agency was easy to find as were all the other car rental agencies at PHX.Cons:Waited over an hour in line (only 2 people at the desk). Even though I had made the reservation and paid online, the staff was unable/did not want to change the reservation so my husband would be the driver. They stated that since I had paid already, they could not change the reservation so I ended up having to be the sole driver. Unsure how accurate that is but other car rentals we have used have not had an issue with making adjustments to our reservation (after we've already made the reservation and paid online prior). Husband and I had called 3 separate times prior to confirm we were able to reserve a car seat appropriate for our 4 year old. Once we received our car, we were offered booster seats initially for our child who does not meet those requirements and after having called to confirm the appropriate type of car seat multiple times prior. The staff there was unfriendly and did not understand the different types of car seats as they are weight/height based. The staff did not seem to care and moved slowly to work on our request. We then had to wait an additional 45 minutes for them to find the correct type of car seat. Once we received the car seat, it was dirty. We have never experienced such poor service, we will definitely be avoiding this car rental agency next time we need to rent a car.Reviewed 3 Jan. 2018
review fromkayak
not worth itPros:They was nothing to like.Cons:The check in process was very slow. The insurance I bought on line through kayak was NO good. Advantage would not accept it. So not only did I pay a bogus amount. I am unable to get a refund!!! Plus I had to buy the inflated insurance at the counter. So this more than doubled the cost of the vehicle. The cup holders were sticky as well as the steering wheel. You could physically see the grime and goo. The gas tank was less than full, make sure you double check this. I rented an import car and received a domestic car. The vehicle smelled of smoke, had to drive with windows down The driver seat did not move forward it just moved up and down so you were unable to put the seat in the optimum position for driving. 5 miles off the lot the oil lights came on, they superseded all other lights on the dash board so you could not see the instrument readings Bottom line: this was my first experience using kayak and advantage. I will NOT be repeating this experience. Anyone reading this review take heed.Reviewed 18 Dec. 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:Price was good.Cons:Really disorganized rental and car counter. Didn't have the car I reserved (couldn't find the keys). Stood in line for 20+ minutes to get the rental contract. Then wasted nearly an hour trying to get a car. Second encounter with Advantage in two different locations and they were remarkably similar - chaotic. Plus, half the time the Advantage toll free line doesn't work. It took 7 tries to get through. They also seem to take their sweet time about refunding the security deposit - why do they even charge a security deposit if they've already got your credit card on file???Reviewed 7 Nov. 2018
review fromkayak
Pros:PriceCons:Pick up was confusing, not much direction given, when I drove around to ask, the guy working in the garage, he just kept pointing to go the other way, offered no help, just kept pointing. There was no instruction by anyone on how when to fill out the pre inspection form, no pen in the car to fill it out. I had to do it at the gate to leave, when I handed the guy at the gate the form, he made no comments to me that the form needed to be filled out, only when I asked he stated, well that would probably be a good idea. At this point there were cars waiting behind me , so I felt rushed to fill out the form. Was still not given any instruction on how to fill out form.Reviewed 3 Jan. 2018
review fromkayak
Picking up the car was an impressively awful experiencePros:The car was fine.Cons:I hadn't rented a car myself before, so I chose Advantage simply because it was cheap. When we arrived at the car rental, we got in line and there were a dozen or so people in front of us. There were only 3 people working at the computers, and the line moved at a normal pace. After 10 minutes or so, the next 5 people were taking 25+ minutes at the counter. One of the women working just left to go in back on a break, and it crawled even more and the line behind us swelled to probably more than 30 people. In the end, it took an hour and 20 minutes for us to get up to the counter (where we got checked in and the invoice in 5 minutes). I probably would have used Advantage again if we had even a fine experience, but I will absolutely not use them in the future.Reviewed 2 May 2018
review fromkayak
Ridiculous Wait. 1.5 hrs in line!Pros:Nothing!Cons:The wait time was so long to get to counter that I left and opted for Uber. i spoke to people inline that knew others at front of line that had been there for 1 hour 40 mins (still not up to counter). Luckily for me, I was just going to airport to pick up vehicle and not just getting off of a flight. And thankfully not traveling with small children. I couldn’t imagine traveling for vacation and having to waste a day in line at rental car counter. Terrible!!!! Thankful I had other options. I felt so bad for everyone else stuck there. Wish I could attach pic of the line I took.Reviewed 11 Apr. 2018
review fromkayak

Advantage car rentals near Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport

1805 E. Sky Harbor Circle South, Advantage car hires


1805 E. Sky Harbor Circle South


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+1 602 252 4935

Top tips for renting a car from Advantage at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport

  • Economy hire cars from Advantage at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport are around -8% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car from Advantage at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport

  • On average a hire car from Advantage at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport costs $55 per day.

  • Economy (Toyota RAV4 or similar) is the most frequently booked hire car type from Advantage at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport.

  • 1805 E. Sky Harbor Circle South is the closest Advantage hire car location to Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport. The telephone number for this location is +1 602 252 4935.

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