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Weird car, baited into insurancePros:Checking in and out process was quick and easy.Cons:I'm sure it was in the fine print and I should have questioned it at check-in, but when it came around to selecting insurance, it didn't seem optional. Therefore my "great deal" at $231 for the week ended up being a $400 rental. When I tried to call afterwards I was put into an endless loop of being on hold. I decided to enjoy my vacation instead of waiting for Fox to answer my call. Also, the Kia we had was odd. Either the passenger seat was too low or the drivers seat was too high. It got great MPG, though!Reviewed 28 Feb. 2016
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Terrible car, terrible service, do not use!Cons:Car was not clean first off. Walking around it, it looked like it had been in several fender benders and was missing a door panel. It being there last one I took it. I had a reservation tho mind you and this is what they had for me. Now I had this for 10 days totaling just under $1000. Used it under 100 miles, maybe an eighth tank of gas. Now heres the worst part. Upon returning the guy starts to tell me I did the damage and it's my fault. The carbon copy they give you is faint but that appeared to be all he could go by in his judgment. I asked him to get the top copy and he said that was. I said "no it's a carbon copy" and was very aggressive in his charge after that. I had to stop talking to him and find his supervisor because I literally started to feel red. I would love for a fox rep to call me and explain how they train them to talk to people and interact with public. And why do they not have pics of there cars as they leave and come in. Like I said poor all around product and service. Will never use them again. San Diego airport location.Reviewed 8 Jan. 2017
review fromkayak
Be ready to say no... A LOTPros:Renters beware. Just like any business they will try and take as much money as they can from you. Stand firm and be ready to say no. The first thing they will do is ask if you want low, medium or high insurance. No is an option if you want to risk paying out of pocket for damages to the car, but they won't tell you that. You do have to have the minimum state required liability insurance though. They will ask you about 20 times if you want to upgrade. If you want to upgrade, then go for it. If not then just keep saying no. They will take a $150 deposit on top of the rental cost (i.e. if the rental is $150, they will take $300 and refund the $150 deposit when you return the car). Check the car closely when you pick it up. There were 2 I could choose from and the first one had some loose and damaged trim work so I opted for the second one. If you use a debit card to pay vice a credit card, they will say they need to run a credit check. You can opt out of that by showing them your return flight information or using a credit card. Tl;dr you can get around all the extra charges by just saying no. Overall I got the car I wanted for the price I was quoted. I'd use them again just because of the cheap cost ($150 for 2 weeks)Reviewed 29 Dec. 2015
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Pros:The car was available and fairly easy to pick and the agent was helpful.Cons:We had asked for a toddler carseat (0ver 30 lbs) but were given a rear-facing seat that was too small for our son and VERY uncomfortable. Bummed we actually paid extra for that! It was also not fully explained that when using a toll road with a rental we would be charged very high fees and penalties for doing so. I understand the onus is on the driver to read all the fine print, but a clearer warning about the use of toll roads would have been much appreciated and would have done a great deal to win our trust and loyalty. Again, we will not use again or recommend Fox to our friends.Reviewed 2 Jul. 2017
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Cons:We called the Fox customer service once we found out our plane would be delayed. When we went to pick up the vehicle, no one knew that we had called and our vehicle was not available. We were forced to pay extra money for another car. When we returned the car 10 minutes early we were charged a $20 early drop off fee. We thought this was ridiculous. We had some extra time so went to the desk and they took it off. We will not be using Fox car rentals again. Very disappointed in the customer service. The car itself was way too big for a person under 5 foot. They did not seem to care.Reviewed 24 Sep. 2016
review fromkayak
Read your contract carefully before signing!!!Pros:Got the subcompact car that I wanted.Cons:Even though I explicitly stated that I didn't want any additional insurances (LDW/RSA), yet magically these appeared on the contract. I was super jetlagged that day, and I didn't quite take notice of what I was actually signing there. I was already back at home, filling out my travel expense statement, when I finally realized that I had actually been ripped off by ~ $200. Seems to be a general phenomenon with all those rental car companies: They either want to sell you a vehicle more expensive than the one you originally reserved - because the latter is supposedly not available at the moment - (So why the heck am I making a reservation anyway??) Or they try to sell you something that you explicitly refused by putting it on the contract whatsoever. In any case, here's my advice: READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING!!!Reviewed 3 Mar. 2016
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Pros:I liked being able to pick my car from a line-upCons:The staff was extremely pushy to sell more product than I wanted, and my two family members that also rented were made to purchase car insurance while other family members were not. I was given a 10% extra fee upon return because I returned the car 1 hour and 15 min EARLY... Whaaaat? I thought that was a good thing! The van we originally were driving off with had a loose front bumper that I realized last minute, we had to unload and get a different van. My poor newlywed daughter's $105 car rental ended up costing $343 even after the downpayment was refunded. They wanted to charge her $40 for her husband to drive the car because the card was in her name- however, my husband was not charged extra when my card was used- we'll stick with Alamo or Hertz in the future, I've never had any of these issues with their agencies.Reviewed 21 Nov. 2019
review fromkayak
Pros:Staff was friendlyCons:My vehicle was not ready on time so I had to return later. When I returned I was given the wrong vehicle, much less than I had paid for. The manager was not able to give discount because the rental was purchased thru Kayak. Will most likely never use Kayak or Fox again.Reviewed 31 Aug. 2020
review fromkayak
Never again. Not worth the savings.Pros:PriceCons:I decided to try Fox after only ever having rented from one of the "major" companies because Fox was so much cheaper. The sales person that greeted me in San Diego was very insistant that I should upgrade to a crossover SUV from the midsize that I had already chosen. He kept telling me the price difference wasn't that much, however, to me, $100+ is quite a big difference. He kept pushing it after he found out that we are a military family, saying that he could get that difference down to just $77 more. With all the driving that I knew we were doing, I was set on not upgrading, since I knew that the gas would be more than just a $77 difference, especially in So. Cal. I finished with this man, went upstairs to pick up my car, and wouldn't ya know it, there were NO MIDSIZE CARS available, but a whole line of crossover SUV's. I would have been IRATE if I had allowed him to talk me into paying more when there was no option to keep what I had. Needless to say, knowing that there were no cars available, he SHOULD have upgraded me for free. Instead, I and my very tired 9-month old, were stuck waiting for a midsize car to be available for almost a half an hour. This should've been my first clue that the customer service with FOX was lacking, to say the least.Reviewed 20 Jul. 2017
review fromkayak
Check your receipt!Cons:When asked if I wanted to purchase insurance, I declined since I had already purchased some for the trip. On the screen where I had to sign for the purchase, there was nothing indicating that I was actually purchasing insurance in addition to the rental. So, I didn't pay attention to the receipt when the agent handed it to me because nothing had been unclear. Anyway, the codes on the receipt are difficult, at best, to interpret. When I brought the rental back, I looked at the receipt again and realized that I had paid too much for the car, and upon googling the codes on the receipt, found out that the agent had put insurance on the car, even though I explicitly said not to. I called Fox and they refunded me 50% of the insurance, but it was too much of a hassle for an economy rental.Reviewed 28 Jun. 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:Drop off and pick up was very easyCons:We had our rental car broke into and staff that I called laughed at me saying my claim number was wrong. They also told me that if we needed to be picked up they couldn’t do it because we had a family of 5 and they could only take up to 4 people. So stayed that we had to find a ride to the airport ourselves or just drive it back in the condition it was in. They also told me that even though we had a bad situation happen if our car was not back on time we would get charged for it being late and entire extra day. We also we supposed to get a gull size car and we did not get that. Very disappointed and will not rent from them again!!!!Reviewed 7 Jan. 2020
review fromkayak
Pros:Easy drop off at the airport.Cons:The woman at the check in desk was horrible and extremely rude. She kept trying to pressure me into getting additional coverage despite the fact that I had already bought primary coverage on the Kayak website. She started to get angry with me when I refused and kept saying, “you’ve got coverage with them but I don’t think you know about 3rd person coverage. You look like you don’t even know. Pull out the email they sent you!” So loud that the people behind me could hear her. We all just stopped and stared at her and I finally asked if I could have my car so I could leave. She was angry at me that she couldn’t hustle the up sell out of me and just stared at me for another 2 minutes like I spit in her cereal or something. IT WAS WEIRD. I won’t be going with FOX Rentals again strictly because of her. That was a horrible experience.Reviewed 17 Dec. 2019
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