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Foreigner ripoffPros:People were niceCons:Doesn't matter if you booked online, they will go through the whole process from scratch and add all kinds of insurances so you end up paying way more than the online quote. Cars are old and stinky.Reviewed 6 Jan. 2017
review fromkayak
No cars despite a reservation months in advance.Cons:Arrived at the rental car desk only to be told that there were no cars, despite making a reservation months in advance. Was offered an SUV for significantly more per day. Others waiting in line experienced exactly the same thing. This is clearly a scam to take cheap reservations and oversell cars so that they can upsell a considerably more expensive model. I also observed another customer bribe the desk agent with cash to get a car. That seemed to work. Would not recommend Budget unless you're prepared to bribe the desk person with cash. FYI This was in the Cancun airport.Reviewed 11 Jan. 2017
review fromkayak
Designed to take advantage of travelersCons:Hate doing this but this location is designed specifically to rip off tourist. Steer very clear and find a car rental company that is more transparent from the get-go. If you go here with a "reservation" you will find yourself: Tired from a long day of travel and possibly too weak to fight them. You will be on their turf without a reservation somewhere else and in fear that you will not be able to get a car somewhere else. And you may not want to put your family through the additional time needed to find an alternative. The latter is what happened to me. I was taking my wife to Akumal, it was late and while I can personally fight someone on principal, I looked over at my very tired wife and did not want to have her put through it all. Buyer beware. This place is specifically designed to take advantage of you.Reviewed 26 Dec. 2016
review fromkayak
OkayPros:Car was clean and had no mechanical issues - was the type of car we asked for. The shuttle driver was prompt and friendly.Cons:Went to the counter in the terminal and the woman was upset that my flight was delayed and that I didn't call - made it sound like I wouldn't get a car anymore. The cost was also a LOT higher with insurance- like 6x as much. There were other options for less insurance but then you have to be willing to put a down payment of >$1000 dollars down. We got a new car (like, no license plate yet, just tags taped in the window) which was nice there were no mechanical issues but it made us a huge target in Mexico. The line inside the actual rental place was long and literally every customer was pissed about something which made it a really unpleasant experience.Reviewed 27 Dec. 2016
review fromkayak
Way more moneh than we were quotedPros:I was glad it was possible to rent a car in Mexico. The car was clean and a familiar make and model, so driving wasn’t hard.Cons:We were quoted $15 when I made the reservation. When we went to pick up the car, we were told that was the price we would pay IF we bought $2,000 in insurance coverage. We bought the minimum we could and the rental alone came out to $130 for 4 days and a $200 hold for insurance. I feel like this needed to be indicated up front when making the reservation so we could have been prepared. Since we were renting in Mexico, we were concerned we were being shook-down for money. Knowing up-front all the details and potential costs would allow us to better plan our trip expenses. Also, it would have been nice to have been able to make an up-front payment online through Kayak or Budget’s websites and avoided handing over our credit card in a foreign country.Reviewed 15 May 2018
review fromkayak
Do your research before renting a car in Mexico.Pros:Nothing.Cons:The attractive cost of $8 dollars a day for a car rental is misleading and Kayak should let you know that. A) There are mandatory insurance costs in Mexico. B) Renting from Budget or a trusted name brand from the US is not the same as renting as if you were in the US. They are basically independent companies that are somehow allowed to use these name brands. I tried calling Budget customer service to let them know I felt that I was getting scammed and they said they do not have access to any of the billing information. Overall the representative said "I'm sorry, there is NOTHING I can do to help." I wound up paying $321.00 for renting an economy car for 5 days. I would have paid less than half of that in the US.Reviewed 30 Sep. 2016
review fromkayak
a bustCons:I tried to find out what the mandatory insurance would cost. No one at Budget could/would tell me. Our flight was delayed 2 hrs and when we got to Cancun airport the person told us that he was out of our mid-size car and that we would have to take this tiny car for the same price that we had already paid. Or we could upgrade to a larger car and pay considerably more. Since we couldn't fit into the tiny car we chose the larger car, a Nissan Versa. A nice car, but to me that is an intermediate car. In fact it's smaller than an intermediate car. So we got an acceptable car, but paid twice the price plus the insurance add-on. If a fee is more than 100% of the cost, shouldn't that be disclosed? Other than that everything was fine.Reviewed 1 Jan. 2019
review fromkayak
Scam AlertPros:There was indeed a reserved car for me when I arrived.Cons:When I arrived and told them my credit card would cover the insurance, they said they would have to put a $10,000 hold on my credit card. That was fine as I have a limit of 4 times that. They said the approval wouldn't go through. I told them to try again and they said it wouldn't. When I tried to call Citibank the call wouldn't go through although I had service specifically for Mexico. So in order to get the car and on my merry way - I had to pay $18 per day insurance, 16% tax on that amount and my $62 car became $192. And suddenly they could put a $1500 hold on my card. We checked the car and took pictures of all the existing damage and upon return, they tried to tell me there was some new damage. I argued vehemently and finally was told - ok - we'll take care of you. I am sure they expected a tip - but my tip is "don't rent from Budget at the Cancun airport".Reviewed 18 Jan. 2017
review fromkayak
No cars availableCons:This reservation didn't actually reserve a car. Budget was out of cars by the time I arrived at the airport.Reviewed 5 Jan. 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:The total cost by kayak was 93.89 and i paid the dobleReviewed 14 Nov. 2019
review fromkayak
Reservation Cancelled By Local Office Without NotiPros:There is nothing positive to say as we didn't get a car we reserved.Cons:Our reservation was cancelled by the local office because we were "late" despite the fact that I called the 800 number the prior day to confirm that if we were a couple hours late from our flight that there wouldn't be any problems. The office had no others cars to give us and after calling the national line, there were no other cars available in the area.Reviewed 6 Jan. 2017
review fromkayak
Cons:The didn’t have the car I bookedReviewed 16 Mar. 2019
review fromkayak

Budget car rentals near Cancún Airport

Carratera Cancun Chetumal Km22, Budget car hires


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Top tips for renting a car from Budget at Cancún Airport

  • Economy hire cars from Budget at Cancún Airport are around 100% cheaper than other car types, on average

FAQs about renting a car from Budget at Cancún Airport

  • On average a hire car from Budget at Cancún Airport costs $12 per day.

  • Economy (Jeep Wrangler or similar) is the most frequently booked hire car type from Budget at Cancún Airport.

  • Carratera Cancun Chetumal Km22 is the closest Budget hire car location to Cancún Airport. The telephone number for this location is +52 998 886 0252.

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