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Find cheap flights from Emerald to Australia

Find cheap flights from Emerald to Australia

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Emerald (EMD)
Thu. 13.5
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Low season

MayBest time to beat the crowds (7% less expensive on average)

High season

OctoberMost popular time to fly (13% more expensive on average)

Average price (return flight)

$518(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal (return flight)

$312or less

Good deal one-way

$151or less

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Australia

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Emerald to Australia for the following prices or less: to Brisbane $151 one-way - $312 round-trip, to Melbourne $285 one-way - $622 round-trip
  • Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Australia is May.

FAQs - booking Australia flights

Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for flights from Emerald to Australia due to COVID-19?

Which airlines apply social distancing measures on flights from Emerald to Australia due to COVID-19?

How long is the flight to Australia from Emerald?

What is the cheapest flight to Australia from Emerald?

Which airlines fly to Australia?

How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights to Australia?

How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket from Emerald to Australia?

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights to Australia?

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight to Australia?

Top airlines flying Emerald to Australia

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Qantas Airways
Overall score based on 4,869 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "Way cramped"

Pros: "Window seat on my own. Landed early."
Cons: "Direct flight to Melbourne."

Cons: "Qantas is always delayed leaving"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No inflight entertainment available."

Cons: "Always a pleasure to fly with qantas"

Cons: "The seats were too narrow and uncomfortable"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The braised beef dinner was excellent, the crew were really helpful and the entertainment good. Arrived early as well.Qantas seems to have great pilots as very little in the way of bumpiness on landing. So well done guys."
Cons: "Nothing much. I have long legs so it's hard to get comfortable enough to sleep."

Pros: "The service was really good"
Cons: "My bag was broken when it came off the plane so I wasn’t happy about that."

Pros: "Service fantastic"
Cons: "Food was a bit ordinary but on a short flight understandable"

Pros: "We eventually got to our destination safely although very stressed"
Cons: "The plane from Sydney to Brisbane was awful. The section where we were seated had a permanent cover over the windows, ours and others near us, over a large section. This was really claustrophobic. It was like being in a closed in tin can. It should be disclosed that the window seat is not a window seat so you have the option to change to somewhere else. The seats are really quite cramped. A huge delay"

Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "Boarding was very efficient and on time - flight was exceptionally smooth and arrival in Brisbane was 45 minutes early - keep up yjr good schedule"
Cons: "Not much to mention at this point - all good"

Pros: "Qantas staff unfailingly helpful and courteous."
Cons: "A more suitable lunch that could be eaten more easily , the quiche in a fidley box and nothing to w eat it on was trying."

Pros: "Helpful staff, well informed"

Cons: "My family of 4 were not seated together even though all four tickets were purchased together in the same booking. After booking through KAYAK for flights, the on-line check-in process was a nightmare with the KAYAK booking number not matching the information required by QANTAS. As my children were all spread over the plane, and two son's look very similar, a hostess almost did not serve one of my son's a meal as she believed my son had already received a meal further forward in the plane. Thankfully, upon checking, the hostess realised that it was a case of mistaken identity."

Pros: "Pillow and blanket made the trip much for comfortable"

Pros: "Landing"
Cons: "There was no entertainment on board. There was provision for iPads in the backs of the seat, but none provided. There were drop down TVs but the audio was not working. Had I known in advance that this would be the case, I would have been able to prepare my own device and headphones."

Pros: "Complimentary Inflight drink and the effort from crew to accommodate English second language passengers in my row."

Cons: "I could not eat the food"

Pros: "Entertainment for the kids Healthy food The crew were great and interactive"
Cons: "Too much pressure for the ears"

Cons: "Qantas mucked up my seating and then tried to tell me maybe it was just my use of the booking system."

Pros: "Everything was great - arrived early. Excellent service."

Pros: "good"

Pros: "Overall good flight and staff nice and friendly"
Cons: "Nothing comes,to mind"

Pros: "Great entertainment and new release movies. Food was great"
Cons: "The man in front kept jamming his chair into my knees just so he could get back as far as he could, despite the only thing stopping this was my actual legs, when I tried to explain that he got a little abusive. Iv got got some light bruising on my right knee. Food was better then expected and am happy to fly Qantas again"

Cons: "Food, I cannot get an option to have a Cheese platter. The food has been prepared too far in advance and is tasteless and full or preservatives."

Cons: "The dinner meal was dried and pretty disappointing as was the media selection in coach vlass"

Pros: "Thank you Qantas I enjoyed the flight, the service was excellent. Cabin crews were friendly. Overall excellent."
Cons: "There is nothing that I dislike."

Pros: "Business class seats are private and allow for lay flat sleeping"

Cons: "Would have prefered to fly Emirates."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I was not able to board the plane and was told that I needed to apply for ETA. I did and was not able to do it online. Then I needed to call the embassy about a required visa as a visitor. None of this was presented before. I have not traveled to Australia before, so I had no idea this needed to be done. As of now I am still at home trying to find a solution to this requirement."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Helpful service and comfortable seats"

Pros: "Comfortable plane. Good entertainment. Very nice chicken salad. Friendly staff."
Cons: "The soggy pies were a bit, well, soggy ... The changeover at Dubai seemed unnecessary. Having to go through security tho get from airside to airside was a bit daft. The crew gave little information on how that changeover was going to happen, and when they did it was just before landing."

Pros: "Snack and Qantas Entertainment app"
Cons: "Nil"

Pros: "The no fuss but highly professional approach of the cabin crew. The level of comfort in the cabin, with a business class upgrade."
Cons: "I dont like having to track the distance through the outside lounge in both directions to get to the Business Lounge. The Business Lounge is frequently busy and noisy. Very hard to conduct a phone conversation from."

Cons: "Flight delayed for 8 hours. Flight was to leave at 6.20am but left at 2.30pm. My whole day wasted. Very trying and begin in the airport at 4.00am for reporting and this happens.."

Pros: "Everything on time."

Pros: "Qantas Launge"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I didn't ask for any upgrades, but the ground crew were attentive enough to offer me a direct flight back which was 30 minutes earlier. Everything was perfect. Food, seats, entertainment. Can't complain about anything."
Cons: "Not much of a biggie, but one of the middle aged lady flight attendant was a little rude. Perhaps had a bad passenger before serving me."

Pros: "Close to two hours delay leaving Australia"

Pros: "Staff friendly. Dinner served on flight. Unexpected but welcomed and delicious. Arrived on time. Thank you Qantas (((:"

Pros: "The Singapore Qantas lounge is well set up, despite one or two small issues. Boarding was easy after the usual Singapore gate lounge procedures. On board the crew (led by Brigita) could not have been better. I LOVE the 1 -2 - 1 business configuration. Meals and refreshments on board were just great and I enjoyed that the crew didn't disturb me (Emirates are particularly rude in this regard) when it was clear I was sleeping until descent."
Cons: "Qantas, being an Australian airline, I am clueless as to why, in the airline lounge: Australian Sauvignon Blancs are not available (NZ phewee!) Bundaberg Rum (Ozzie icon) is not available. For a major hub, it is also not clear why a separate business lounge doesn't operate."

Cons: "Boarding was terrible. No announcement when it was late."

Cons: "Small plane and short flight so given a small snack but no entertainment."

Pros: "Lacks a bar and for that reason is a touch behind Virgin Australia internationally. Great seats though"

Pros: "Direct flight to Brisbane. Cheerful crew doing their best with what they had to deal with."
Cons: "Late departure. Remote boarding gate to bus. Even more remote field from which plane departed. Overcrowded flight. Poor quality food. Access to Qantas Club denied (only for first class passengers)"

Pros: "Like the staff -so down to earth Australian -no airs and graces like some other airlines. No fuss service. Always very helpful.You actually get food and drinks gratis on Qantas! The craft are always clean and well maintained. Easy to check in on line too. Offered in flight entertainment but didn't require it."
Cons: "We boarded a bit late -so there was a bit of waiting around without being advised of what was happening. But we figured when we saw a man in a wheel-chair being helped on before everyone else that -that was the issue. So happy to wait."

Pros: "Exit row seating."

Pros: "Included check-in baggage"
Cons: "Food options on the menu are very limited"

Cons: "Announce the app download well before boarding so that I can get it. I never had a chance"

Pros: "Crew were ver friendly"
Cons: "Late departure?"

Pros: "Crew great. Very grateful for the cuppa"
Cons: "Headrest low for a tall person. Shoulders sort of rested on it. Notconfy"

Pros: "Business class manager really looked after my food allergy requirement."
Cons: "New crew member - belatedly realised I was in business."

Pros: "Free WiFi and a snack of crackers and a dip."
Cons: "All good!"

Cons: "Entertainment system wasn’t working"

Cons: "Planes could have been time Half way on the trip they cancel my plane had wait 4 hours late which means I had 12 hours fly from Tass to Towsviile"

Pros: "Toilets were more spacious than normal"

Pros: "fast boarding"
Cons: "better movies"

Pros: "Fast flight"
Cons: "Delayed departure due to headwinds for incoming aircraft"

Cons: "No in flight entertainment"

Cons: "WiFi didn't work and the movies were dubbed over"

Pros: "Smooth access and staff persona."

Pros: "Exit row seat"
Cons: "Thieving bastards charging $230 because i made a mistake doing the booking and then they lost my bloody suitcase. !!!!! ."

Cons: "Maybe being offered a cup of tea or coffee would of been nice."

Pros: "Service helpful"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Flight where great"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing?"
Cons: "The staff were very rude. The seats did not recline. The flight sucked. I will NEVER EVER FLY VIRGIN EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pros: "Smooth flight and on time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Staff need training in using the sound system, speaking slowly and clearly."

Pros: "Flight was great"
Cons: "All was good"

Pros: "Flight was comfortable and ran smoothly"
Cons: "It left 50 mins so I got into Brisbane half an hour late"

Pros: "attentive service and relatively comfortable, easy boarding and disembarking"
Cons: "Meal/snack/food was atrocious, was the most disappointing excuse of a snack. We had a choice of a few pieces of cut apple or an extremely thin sad looking granola bar. Expect airlines that offer “full service” to offer something better for the price, also the fact that no fixed TVs or iPads and you have to use your phone to watch movies, at least get a phone holder on the back of the seat."

Pros: "Priority boarding is great"

Pros: "crew"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "The staff and service was nice and friendly. The plane took off right on time and I liked that it even arrived early. The price was good too."
Cons: "No headphones offered like Qantas."

Pros: "It was a full flight but take off and landing were on time and staff and service was good and friendly."

Pros: "Staff were excellent.... Best flight I've had in a long time"

Cons: "I missed my i lost money.but you wouldn't care you made money..sad"

Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "legroom too small and food was minor snack."

Pros: "Comfortable seat"
Cons: "Lack of communication - flights to and from Brisbane to Sydney 2/3 hours late in departure."

Pros: "Na"
Cons: "Na"

Pros: "Great boarding and efficient flight"
Cons: "The crew - unsmiling, unfriendly and seemed to hate their jobs. Food - meusli bar !"

Cons: "Virgin was responsible for our transfer and did very little to help their international travelers"

Pros: "The flight was very good."
Cons: "What I didn't like was having my flight changed from the original 7 pm to 5 hours earlier! It messed up our arrangements and meetings with others."

Pros: "The checking-in in Perth domestic terminal was very fast. The flight was less uncomfortable than usual for the economy class."
Cons: "The lack of food options."

Pros: "Like the corporate image & modern design of different facilities etc. The check-in was nice & smooth."
Cons: "No greeting or smile from crew staff (I think it's important as it shows welcoming)."

Pros: "Service"

Cons: "rude check in staff poor safety issues no comms when diverted to another airport damaged luggage AGAIN..."

Cons: "Crying babies!"

Cons: "no entertainment only back lab was available long ques i only fly virgin at least 6 x times a year"

Pros: "Flight crew were lovely."
Cons: "Got told to "sit back down and don't worry" when our first flight was delayed, after I asked the lady at the gate that we may miss our connecting flight. She put other customers on different flights to make their connections, but when I approached was denied, and ensured we would make out next flight. Missed the next flight and had to wait another 3.5 hours for the next flight, even after explaining the situation to a gentleman at the customer service desk, he said he could not help us, and gave my partner and i am $8 food voucher while we waited as a 'sorry'. Then on the way home another 30 min delay. horrible first experience flying, Was very disappointed in the customer service & missed my brothers wedding. I should have booked Qantas instead of Virgin."

Pros: "like that the cabin crew didn't come around and there snacks and refreshments were provided, perhaps it would be good to make a mention of this on the flight before, so everyone is aware though."
Cons: "The flight was delayed and I missed my connecting flight. Had been travelling for 30 hours and just wanted to get home but didn't get home till 4 after the time I meant to arrive."

Pros: "Agent service"
Cons: "No entertainment"

Pros: "Departed on time. Nice smooth fast flight"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Automatic check-in was really easy to use and everything worked very well and looked modern and stylish. Flight was great, very smooth, good service and the airplane was in great condition. Luggage arrived on the belt very quick after landing."
Cons: "WiFi on airplane did not work."

Pros: "Departure on time"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Flight depart on time and arrive a bit earlier than expected Cabin crews are very imformative and friendly with smile always on their faces."
Cons: "Chair was too small and couldn't lean backward which was quite unconfortable."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Emerald to Australia

Airlines flying from Emerald have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Emerald

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Emerald

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Emerald

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Emerald

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