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Find cheap flights from Hangzhou to Australia

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Hangzhou (HGH)
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Low season

MarchBest time to beat the crowds (7% less expensive on average)

High season

JanuaryMost popular time to fly (19% more expensive on average)

Average price (return flight)

$836(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal (return flight)

$780or less

Good deal one-way

$394or less

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Australia

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Hangzhou to Australia for the following prices or less: to Melbourne $394 one-way - $873 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly to Australia is January.

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Top airline flying Hangzhou to Australia

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Air China
Overall score based on 5,753 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "There was a 2-hour delay after all the passengers boarded."
Cons: "Boarding process in Beijing Airport."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable and crew was super accommodating."
Cons: "The tray area was bit dirty"

Pros: "The seating wasnt very comfortable"
Cons: "The food wasn’t that great and the seating was old."

Pros: "Check-in was very fast. The food was a hot sandwich and a drink and was decent. Plane left Hangzhou and arrived Taipei slightly early, which was great. Seats reasonably comfortable. Crew was kind and caring."
Cons: "Would have been nice to have some fruit."

Cons: "Indian food could've been better."

Pros: "Good crew, fast boarding, good overhead bin space"
Cons: "boarding by section to avoid rushing, crowd and people moving in/out of seats"

Pros: "Very professional flight crew"
Cons: "-10 degrees and people hoarded in a bus to board an international flight that has no access to aerobridge. Vegetarian food for Air China is rice and boiled vegetables. Broken entertainment system. In short, the flight was disappointing"

Pros: "Boarding was streamlined, planes took off on time and made it to destination before time. Entertainment options were decent."
Cons: "Food isn't the best (had Hindu meal for my flights) not sure if there is a better option. There isn't much in terms of snacks, outside the set meals. Some of the crew members do struggle with communicating in English, but I always found someone to work with."

Cons: "As a 1k I got diverted to a small bus for loading. This bus then waited until the regular buses had left before leaving. Then it waited until everyone on the other buses had boarded before letting the four of us to get off the bus - we were the last four people to board the plane. Happily there was still space for my carry on, but it was not what I would call priority service."

Pros: "The flight crew was nice."
Cons: "My seat was broken. I had to sit lop-sided for the entire flight. The plane looked like it was built in the ‘90s. There was one screen on the wall constantly playing. It’s not like I had an option to look away as it was in front of me when I would try to relax. The check in desk was ridiculous as the line wrapped all the way through BKK airport. They needed to organize the queue better."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I had to spend two extra nights in Shanghai due to missed flight. I was not informed that departure time was changed to 2 hrs earlier. I was alone at a hotel with no cash and horrible food. For those 2 days, I was unable to get confirmation of my new flight, so I was on an expired visa. I called to find out why I wasn’t informed, and I was told that the email must be in my spam. It was absolutely not in my spam because it was never sent!"

Pros: "Very nice and friendly crew! Keep up the good job!"
Cons: "The screen broken and I could watch anything"

Cons: "The plane was delayed over one hour for take off in Shanghai"

Cons: "Food was not tasty"

Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Luggage did not arrive for 2 days from Beijing"

Pros: "Staff were quite helpful and both flights were on time - very cheap which made the things I didn’t like acceptable"
Cons: "There wasn’t really any legroom (I’m about 1.74m) or much comfort and the plane itself was really loud - not used to that from long distance flights. Two out of four meals were okay."

Cons: "The layover time at Beijing airport was short but the airport is huge and takes a while to get through. I almost missed my connecting flight twice. When people fly Air China for connecting transfers, the attendants should provide guidance to passengers about ways to expedite this process. My bags weren’t delivered from Bangkok. It would have been nice if the airport attendants at my destination announced that before having passengers wait an hour for the bags to come out because it was evident they were aware beforehand."

Cons: "Jain vegetarian food"

Pros: "Bathrooms were clean. Foot rests were comfortable."
Cons: "Chairs did not recline much for such a long flight."

Cons: "On 11/29, the flight from Beijing to San Francisco was delayed because the incoming plane was late. All passengers were greeted at SFO with instructions for compensation. The instructions read "To claim the currency compensation, passengers must have a debit card issued in mainland China and marked with Union Pay!" If you are not a Chinese resident, you are out of luck!!! Americans be warned: Fly Air China and be treated a second class passengers!"

Cons: "Food"

Pros: "The jasmine tea"
Cons: "You can’t have your phone on at all and there is a very limited and bad movie selection."

Cons: "- Out of Date airplane. - Stricter technology rules limitations than other international airlines. - difficult website to navigate."

Cons: "This was like flying in the 90's. The seats were super small and uncomfortable my TV didn't work and they wouldn't let me use my phone (even on fly mode) and the Beijing international airport didn't have WiFi."

Pros: "Good amount of movies to choose from. Food was decent."
Cons: "The flight was uncomfortably warm. They give you blankets but they weren’t needed. Our luggage was never put on our 2nd flight."

Pros: "Easy boarding, roomy seats, good price for business class."
Cons: "Bad choice of movies, sub-par food, small bathrooms."


Pros: "Travel was very smooth and easy. But the ticket agent neglected to tell us we had to go to a special transit visa desk before exiting through customs. We thought the paperwork we filled out at the ticket agent desk was sufficient."

Cons: "The food"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), we were rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the Air China service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I am flat out disgusted by Air China."

Pros: "We arrived alive and the plane didnt crash. Thats all."
Cons: "my husband was upset we didnt get a wide body plane for a 5 hour international flight. I think it was a 737. When the plane landed they just parked it in the lot and made us walk down the stairs and take a bus. We had a connection in 60 minutes to make it due to this flight coming in late. With the whole bus nonsense we had to wait for everyone else to get off the plane and they made us go through customs and security (even though i called before and they confirmed we wouldn't have to) and we had to run to our next flight and barely made it right before the gates closed. Oh and they never turned off the fasten seatbelt sign ever even though it was calm."

Pros: "The flight was crazy cheap. The boarding was fast a simple enough, and the food was pretty good for airplane food. Overall I would probably pay this price to fly this airline again, but if I had to pay even 30 or 40 dollars more I would not."
Cons: "The Crew was crazy bad. They had plenty good enough English they just didn't give a rip if we needed something. My son spilled his yogurt on his lap so I asked for paper to get it cleaned up. The lady just huffed and walked away, I thought to get napkins, but nope, she never came back. This was one of several things that were just lazy or rude on the flight. Also, While I get that this is Air China, so most of the entertainment would be Chinese, the last time I flew Korean Air, and China Southern on international flights they had a pretty good international entertainment selection. Not so on Air China! there were about 4 English choices, and nothing else. Again, I would fly this again at this price (600 for round trip from CGO to DEN) but for even 30-40 dollars more, I would find something else."

Cons: "Horrible service, part of the ceiling light came off, got so hot when we were boarding - I was nervous that there was a big issue with the plane"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "Need more vegetarian dishes available"

Cons: "Every single flight was delayed. 15 hour trip turned into a 40 hour one. Notice of flight rescheduling was given on the day of the flight. They did not give us a hotel room during a 12 hour wait caused by a misconnect due to their delays"

Cons: "my stuff in the checked luggage was missing, obviously somebody took it from my luggage, also, my luggage bag was broken due to the rudeness of staff. very very disappointed."

Cons: "wouldnt let our entire group on the flight after we all had seats because of a delay in our connecting flight."

Pros: "Delays everywhere, made no attempt to help until we had already missed our connecting flight."

Pros: "New plane, good leg room, comfortable seats"
Cons: "Major delays both to Asia and on the return. Such extensive delays that I missed my connections both ways. The airline was very unhelpful in rectifing this. I nearly missed my second connection as well."

Pros: "Everything seems to go smoothly, the flight was good and we landed on time."

Pros: "I felt very safe on the flight."
Cons: "It was an older plane and didn't have the on demand inflight entertainment which would have been nice. Food was just ok."

Pros: "Flight attendants and crew were very helpful"
Cons: "Entertainment needed. Training for staff regarding mobile devices."

Pros: "I flew from Houston to Beijing and overall not much to complain about. Flight was on time and boarding was well organized. In flight service was also good and the flight attendants were very nice. Just know that some of them have limited English so don't expect them to understand everything you say which is understandable. I'm sure they wonder why we don't speak Chinese. I ordered special meal which was good and you can have wine in economy if you want. Flight arrived on time. All in all flight was good."
Cons: "Wish we could check in online but for international flights I understand why they need you to check in at the airport with your passport."

Pros: "Ppl r ok to work on plants,"
Cons: "Almost everything is sucks, I will never forget these horrible experiences in my life."

Pros: "Lost my bag took 3 days to find. No updates incompetent baggage personnel food inedible. Fight attendants discriminate. Chinese man beside me got numerous drinks/snack I got one glass of orange juice ife at my seat broken and garbled. My electrical outlet did not work no compensation for lost bag"

Pros: "Large and clean. Beatiful stewardees."
Cons: "Not departing on time, delayed a hour to depart. But I understood because one of guest was sick while boarding."

Pros: "Great selection of movies, friendly flight crew."
Cons: "Food was ok."

Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "N/a"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Hangzhou to Australia

Airlines flying from Hangzhou have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Hangzhou

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Hangzhou

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Hangzhou

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Hangzhou

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