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ADL — Bali
17 Jan — 24 Jan1
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Flight from Adelaide to Denpasar Bali Ngurah Rai
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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found tickets from Adelaide to Bali for the following prices or less: to Denpasar $184 one-way - $510 round-trip
  • Book at least 5 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Bali is August.
  • On average*, there is no price difference when choosing to fly in the morning or the evening on this flight route.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Qantas AirwaysOverall score based on 4882 reviews
Airline reviews

Ease of boarding. Staff were friendly and helpful. Food was good. In flight entertainment great.

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Ease of boarding. Staff were friendly and helpful. Food was good. In flight entertainment great.

Pros: "Short flight, but they fed us great food, great service, even good wine."
Pros: "Super smooth flight, flight attendants were incredibly friendly and hospitable"
Pros: "movie selection was good"
Cons: "air was stale, food was just okay"
Pros: "The service and entertainment provided"
Pros: "Crew very friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "No back-of-seat screen, overhead screens lacking enough contrast to see much. No matter, I looked out the window instead!"
Pros: "Great Business Class Lounge close to departure gate."
Cons: "Connecting from a domestic flight with Virgin Australia to the International Terminal carrying 5 large pieces of luggage was a bit stressful and complicated. Train or Bus ? Lots of Lifts up and down. Boarding security was excessive."
Pros: "Quick boarding and deplaning on arrival"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "on line check in more difficult than others"
Pros: "Crew was nice and ready to help"
Pros: "The sitting arrangements was great"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "check in easy at Adelaide airport"
Cons: "The plane had small drop down screens every 4 or 5 rows which are totally inadequate for watching anything. gives no choice and poor sound quality (lag between vision and sound) Pork meal was some sort of tasteless slop in a cardboard box with rice and a green veg. It seem as if short flights are getting a raw deal with old planes and sub standard food, systems to save costs. If they cannot maintain a consistent level of standard across all their products let another provider in who can."
Pros: "I loved Qantas's attention to detail and their exceptionally friendly staff. Best airline I've used in recent years."
Pros: "Very smooth, made it alive."
Pros: "Crew fantastic, food was delicious, boarding efficient - but they use a 737 on this leisure route which is a bit arduous for what is a 6+ hour flight."
Cons: "Use of 737 and lacklustre entertainment system compared to A330"
Cons: "1. Food option ran out quickly 2. The row I was sitting in had limited leg room (61)"
Cons: "Little more leg room required"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight being cancelled"
Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "All ok really"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Late arrival 15 min taxi to gate 22 mins wait for bags and$23 yo get to International Terminal. Next time fly via Melbourne"
Pros: "Cabin crew were terrific. On board was also very good. Attentive and courteous."
Pros: "Wonderful staff and such a easy quick feeling flight"
Cons: "The food had no vegetarian options"
Cons: "Unnecessary delays"
Cons: "We were unable to access the boarding area until about 15 min prior to the flight for some unknown reason. We were held in an "anteroom" area. The boarding process was a bit confused as a result."
Pros: "Nice airline with lots of room for a very long flight. Seats next to me were empty so I could lay down but unfortunately a bad respiratory illness prevented me from doing that. But still comfortable. Nice variety of food."
Cons: "All good. Movie selection could have been a little better maybe."
Pros: "Fabulous service and comfortable seats"
Cons: "Not applicable"
Pros: "The staff was so attentive and friendly"
Cons: "The seats could use a little more leg room"
Pros: "It was a pleasant flight."
Cons: "I'm satisfied"
Cons: "Not enough legroom or seating area... Obviously you are downsizing, hoping that people will spend more to upgrade."
Pros: "Ok selection of TV content. Pilot focussed on getting us to Perth quickly."
Cons: "Crew put lights out right after take off - hoping to shut us up and keep us out of the way. Poor movie selection due to streaming limitations (license issues for wireless streaming of content)"
Pros: "Plane, when I boarded, at least in Coach, smelled like vendors hot-dog water. Took an hour and a half to be offered a drink of anything other than a bottle water. By the end of the flight, trash in the aisles, lavatories were nasty."
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Checking in and boarding was good and reasonably fast. Room available for everyone's hand luggage. Toilets were reasonable. Food in economy was ok."
Cons: "No hot USB port in economy. Inflight information system is old and screen resolution and contrast is not so good. Best to use own headphones."
Pros: "Seat so small , lack of back support and cushioning"
Cons: "Seat is so uncomfortable. For the 6 hr trip need a back adjustment for such a cramped environment. Need review my future travel on Qantas"
Cons: "I was not able to check-in on my mobile phone. I was not able to check-in at the Kiosk. I had to check my carry-on bag all the way through to Los Angeles."
Pros: "Assistance is good."
Pros: "I had an exit row seat so being tall this was very much appreciated"
Cons: "no problems"
Pros: "A cut above all others"
Cons: "I landed in Sydney but had a Qantas connecting flight to Melbourne. The baggage was checked in at Dallas thru to Melbourne. You need to drop off the baggage back to Qantas after clearing Customs in Sydney. Unfortunately Qantas makes you walk quite a long distance to to baggage drop off point. The experience made me think of experiences I have had in developing countries. I expected more thoughtful logistical arrangements from Qantas in Australia."
Pros: "Very accommodating for such a long flight."
Cons: "The entertainment system was down causing the plane to be delayed 70 min in an already 15 hour long flight."
Cons: "Did not have any meal for the 2h45m flight"
Cons: "You charged me twice in my credit card the Ticket from Adelaide -Melbourne and Melbourne-Sydney"
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 30 minutes."
Pros: "The staff showed they cared about you comfort and tried to make sure you were enjoying your flight"
Cons: "All was great"
Pros: "Everything was fine. I have flown with Qantas many times, and it was same as usual"
Cons: "I had no problems"
Cons: "You cannot choose and secure your seat. I was not given the seats I was assigned at the time of booking. The food on quantas is also bad. Moreover, the flight attendants left the food in front of us for nearly An hour after service. I ultimately, in order to use the bathroom, had to remove my own tray."
Pros: "The space and comfort was excellent"
Cons: "Just wanted a few more snacks during the flight. Apart from that everything else was superb."
Pros: "The crew were cheery, helpful and professional."
Cons: "In economy, space is an issue, still feels cramped"
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "Food was more wordt than in the past"
Cons: "The delay was out of there hands and other passengers did not listen to instructions So not there fault really"
Pros: "Pretty much all my needs/wants were seen to! Likewise, on the trans-ocean flight leg."
Cons: "Some fashion model wishing me happy flying? I really don't know. :)"
Pros: "Despite the delay, bording was quick and efficient, crew were welcoming"
Pros: "No delays!"
Cons: "I noticed some travellers confused by gate changes, I suspect this is due to a lack of attention on their behalf but clearly the messages hadn't gotten through."
Pros: "Baggage allowance is good and cause of choice this airline but bad staff specially the check in"
Cons: "I hate the ground crew.. with bad behavior and uncooperative- plane no entertainment.. you must used app with your telephone"
Pros: "Boarding and flight time"
Cons: "Lounges were dirty"
Pros: "Super quick boarding"
Cons: "Lounge in melb was dirty, food average. Lounge in Adelaide was over packed - couldn't get a seat"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment. No seat charging. It would have been nice to know this a head of time so we could have prepared (tracing with 3 kids). Right before we took off crew told everyone to down load virgin app, they didn’t specify the entertainment app. So we were not able to watch any movies."
Pros: "The seat was ok. The cabin crew good"
Cons: "The food options both free and purchased."
Cons: "No I flight entertainment or chargers for phone"
Cons: "The computers continue to be problematic. It took 25 minutes at the checkin desk to get the system to take my document numbers. Also the in flight movie system has issues with touch sensing, often being slow to respond and misreading the location of the touch."
Pros: "Very rude. Not professional. Slow service"
Cons: "Should have more knowledge and give effecient service"
Pros: "Crew was great as usual"
Cons: "2 young women begind me loud all they way, kicking the back of the seat and thumping on tray table, screaming bloody murder children"
Cons: "Crew was rude and discriminatory with Passports, for 18 hours stay layover I had to sit in chairs,. Not hotel or Lounge provided. Which is against international laws."
Pros: "Efficient and comfortable"
Pros: "The service on board was excellent and the flight atendants really nice"
Pros: "Good movies. Food was good. Flight was good."
Cons: "Not much leg room."
Cons: "Long delay before take off."
Pros: "It wasn’t outstanding but no major problems Whereas the boarding process for the flight from Melbourne to LAX was poor 3 and half hour delay on tarmac no air flow Only to have a person disembark as well further delay ( dont blame her) The staff were ok but their hollow reassurances about support that would be given on the ground in LAX because of the delays were just that Told virgin staff would be on hand to assist TOTALLY UNTRUE yes they we’re there but didNOTHING to assist with ongoing flight delays"
Cons: "See above"
Pros: "Miss Rankin was on board with me. She traveled to the back of the plane to an empty seat next to me from seat 9F."
Cons: "Couldn't check-in from the kayak app..."
Pros: "Thanks Simone and team."
Cons: "Entertainment choices limited"
Pros: "Crew was good, and water was served frequently."
Cons: "Got out late from Sydney and got stuck in a holding pattern in Bali. We had to take a shuttle to and from the plane was was cramped with screaming children. Due to the delay we got stuck at immigration for 50min. We weren’t told about the entertainment until already on the plane when we couldn’t download the app."
Cons: "If I could give zero stars or negative star rating , I would!!!! The scale should have a zero as this is the worst airline in the WORLD!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No entertainment no food or drinks"
Pros: "Boarding in Sydney was easier than anticipated. Crew were good"
Cons: "Stop off in Darwin? Really? Star Alliance is a bit of a joke-poor coordination between VA and Air NZ. No lounge access given we’re Air NZ elite members"
Pros: "His a combotable airline"
Cons: "Landeing it Wendy"
Cons: "Dropping off bag queue took longer than checking in. Isnt the whole point of drop bag is to avoid waiting? Took so much longer. Nearly an hour on the queue"
Pros: "Seats, crew, boarding normal"
Cons: "No entertainment, food or charging port"
Pros: "Not much to like, price was good, that's the only plus"
Cons: "Food is terrible, no entertainment, no blankets or pillows, simply best described as "basic"."
Pros: "Nice crew."
Cons: "I dislike having to use my personal mobile phone for in flight entertainment."
Pros: "Efficient loading and unloading, very friendly team"
Cons: "They claim to be full service and dinner was a bag of stale pretzels"
Pros: "Overall good service"
Pros: "I found my experience with Virgin very good. I don't fly too often. I am over 70 and found both the ground staff and on board so courteous and helpful. Would fly again with them. Take off and landings were so gentle which is something I fear, but they have inspired me to "take-off" and enjoy my life."
Pros: "The flight was very good."
Cons: "What I didn't like was having my flight changed from the original 7 pm to 5 hours earlier! It messed up our arrangements and meetings with others."
Cons: "Flight Canceled because they did not have a first officer that was within legal regulations to fly the leg. I had to stay the night in Adelaide, missing my morning appointment in Sydney and still pay for the hotel I booked in Sydney for that night. I had to pay for the cab back to the airport. I'm told I can go on line for refund as if I haven't already been inconvenience enough I have to deal with that. To add insult to injury my aisle seat was changed to a middle."
Pros: "staff onboard the flight were helpful to mum, she said they were really nice"
Cons: "I booked this flight for my mum who has dementia. I was told o pick her up at the excess baggage area, where her walker would be and that she would be brought by staff there via wheelchair. After 45mins and no mum, I asked staff where she was. They said they were waiting for me at the gate as they didn't have enough staff to bring her, and I couldn't take her walker through security, so I had to go there and pick her up (passing 4 staff members with golf carts just sitting and waiting). luckily she wasn't distressed, but when I got to her, the man at the desk was then told over the radio tthat he could bring her down... poorly organised. Not the end of the world, because she was okay, but it could have been really upsetting for her otherwise."
Pros: "Always fly VBA and usually great"
Cons: "Madeleine my cabin staff member was extremely rude and less than accommodating and when I tried to broach it with the Cabin Supervisor - he asked me firstly "'have you done anything to upset her"? Terrible form Virgin Australia. A complaint has been tweeted and shared direct with VBA online."
Pros: "on-board entertainment"
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Left late."
Pros: "Flight was on time and service was excellent."
Cons: "No entertainment on board."
Pros: "Kept us informed of progress, snacks and drinks, upgrade to extra legroom at no charge"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight was on time, landed early, service was good."
Pros: "Nice cabin crew"
Cons: "Disorganized boarding. Had to disembark due to light malfunction. 6 hours later we took off. I had paid extra to depart in that early flight, Virgin only gave us an $8 voucher- $8 doesn't go very far in an airport restaurant. Issue should have been fixed before passengers boarded. First time flying with them and am pretty disappointed. However, am happy they didn't crash us. I guess that's what really matters. Excellent cabin crew, they all went the extra mile during the entire debacle."
Pros: "Seating was ok and staff friendly"
Cons: "No entertainment or even papers on a 2 hour flight. Refreshment menu is pretty awful and expensive."
Pros: "simple and not fussy. I love priority boarding"
Cons: "can never get enough air when stuck on the tarmac. those overhead vents do very little"
Pros: "The time it took to get to Brisbane"
Cons: "My bags were tampered with in some way"
Pros: "Service from the crew was good, however it would have nice to have been woken & offered lunch."
Cons: "Too many screaming children! Very cold."
Pros: "Nice flight comfortable"
Cons: "Landing was bit uncomfortable but that can be sometimes weather problems"
Cons: "the food, esp breakfast. Very poor"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "To start things off the women at the ticket counter to check us in was the rudest woman I have ever dealt with whilst traveling. I wish I had her name. It seemed as if she'd had something against us, this was in Brisbane by the way."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "The overcharge for baggage being slightly over weight"
Cons: "Not having someone farting the whole time in the plane."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "I cannot believe that when I put the table down I could not move & at 80 kg I was by no means the biggest person on that plane!!!!!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed which caused us to miss the last shuttle bus for the car hire company - we had to catch a cab instead - luckily the car hire company reimbursed us for the cab fare, even though it wasn't their fault."
Pros: "Easy check in"
Cons: "Crew didn't come around enough with water"
Pros: "Neat and clean planes , comfortable & on time"
Cons: "Very cold inside the cabin , they make it so , why I don’t understand"
Pros: "We were surprised when we boarded the plane that we were flying with the new dremliner. The boarding was extremely efficient. They provided us with free movie too on board."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "The rear of the plane was filled with screaming babies, loud uncontrolled children kicking the seats in front of them (mine). Equally loud mothers baby-talked continuously to their offending offspring with no effect. Cabin staff made no attempt to control the noise levels. I recognize some of these small children could have been suffering ear pain from the cabin pressure changes but trained cabin staff could have offered remedies for this. It does not explain the continuous screaming at cruising altitude. I recognize that JETSTAR is an intentionally cheap and nasty airline. I reluctantly took this flight because there was no quality service (like QANTAS) at the time I required. I accept the lack of amenities offered by REAL airlines like complimentary food, drink, entertainment and healthy legroom are the cost of cheap travel but I would have happily paid a higher price for QANTAS had there been a flight. I will not fly JETSTAR again and if no alternative exists with QANTAS, I will choose another airline in spite of my long allegiance to QANTAS CC: QANTAS"
Cons: "Ok so. With ticket purchase you only get a carry on bag in economy. To pay for a checked 15kg bag is $68, but only if you pay ahead of time. If you pay at the counter it will cost you $100. The woman at our gate was completely alone, and clearly frustrated by the situation and kept radio-ing for information about where the rest of her crew was. They are flying 787 Dreamliner now and just squeezing as many people as they can on them. I am a 5’10” female and my knees were hitting the seat in front of me. Want to recline your seat? Go ahead, but the bottom of the seat now slides forward as well to compensate for the lack of space. So if you’re tall like myself, you can’t recline your seat because it forces your knees further into the seat in front of you. Lastly, they have this ‘amazing entertainment service’. It’s $8 to watch a movie or play a game of solitaire. Such a scam. Water is the only drink included and the power outlet in my seat didn’t work. They are exactly what they have always been, but dressed up nicer, cheap and crappy airline looking to make as much money as possible. Won’t be flying with them again. For the money I paid to check a bag plus ticket cost, I could have flown a much nicer airline. will do next time!"
Cons: "My main complaint is what others describe, the luggage charge. However, for me it was 100 dollars per bag or an additional 200 dollars. By that time I could not change flights as was traveling with others. What was going to be a modest flight charge turned out to be a hefty one. The flight otherwise was good to excellent."
Pros: "The seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Our complaint is the flight was over 5 hours long and you could not even get a complimentary glass of water, soda or juice. We found this to be a major out point with regards to service. The other issue was the no free TV. Lastly, I have never in all my flights had to pay such an outrageous fee to pre-check a suitcase. Thank you for listening."
Pros: "Safe airline. Kind staff."
Cons: "We could not check in online and waited over an hour to check in then due to our luggage had to wait in a separate line to pay. We arrived not knowing this is a budget airline and you have to pay for everything. Due to weight restrictions they forced us to check our carryon luggage for $100 AUD per item. They said their website tells you of this fee but 3rd party sites, such as Kayak, does NOT upon booking. We were very frustrated to be paying such a large fee to check our carry on luggage. Kayak should tell you about these hidden fees upon booking as the fees were in the fine print AFTER booking and we simply did not read the fine print. Very disappointed in the lack of communication from Kayak. Entertainment cost an additional $10 and their choices were limited, food and drinks also cost $ on the plane."
Cons: "Didn’t know it was $100 to check a bag. And you have to pay for water even on a 5 hour flight. That’s absurd."
Pros: "I wasn’t able to select a seat and was assigned a middle seat, but the service desk agent at ADL moved me to an aisle seat without charge. Food was reasonable value and tasty, if cold (who refrigerates a muffin?!)"
Cons: "Usual Jetstar pain having to call to add extra luggage (qantas booking) and then curiously Jetstar telling me to ring qantas for an updated itinerary"
Cons: "They lost half of our pushchair and it took 5 days of endless phone calls for them to agree to replace it"
Pros: "Decent leg room for a 6ft person. More than most US flights"
Cons: "Zero entertainment"
Pros: "Getting off at the other end (eventually)"
Cons: "Where do we start....didn't realise you have to pay extra for a bag when traveling overseas so spent just on $300 before even getting the boarding pass. One hour late leaving Perth, no apology or explanation provided. They wouldn't take exact money for a Solo, only credit card. Knees planted uncomfortably in the seat in front for the entire trip. Didn't hand out immigration cards claiming they'd run out.."
Pros: "Nothing it was all bad."
Cons: "The first flight in the morning should not be delayed. There was no warning and apparently this is information the gate withheld from all the passengers. If the flight is an hour later then advertise that time! I missed a boat and had to pay an extra day for a hotel. We asked several flight attendants if we could disembark before everyone, and they all said they'd help us and then we never saw them again."
Cons: "Inhave to pay a extra bill for my luggage. In the web they didn’t mention that condition. Its not clear."
Pros: "Fairly much on time"
Cons: "My muffin was served to me cold. $5 for a cold muffin. Next time I’ll get a hot chocolate instead."
Pros: "Air conditioning comfortable"
Cons: "Will not travel again on jetstar as seating is very uncomfortable..not good for aussies probably suitable for asians who have shorter legs."
Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "I'm a thin man and am 5'9" (pretty average height) and I couldn't fit comfortably in my seat. The space between rows was so tight my knees were squished into the seat in front of me."
Cons: "The carry-on baggage policy is ridiculously unfair and they don't tell you about the 7kg carry-on restriction at the desk but charge you 50 dollars at the gate when you don't have any other options but pay before you miss the flight"
Pros: "Although the AirPort was struggling with an electricity problem, the waiting didn't take that long. They only had 2 people working with tablets instead of the computers with scanners. So i commend them on still getting everyone done so fast! The plane ride was just basic,"
Cons: "I couldn't recline my seat, probably due to the fact I was located at the emergency exit of the wing. So sleeping was soooo uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "The plane was freezing, and there were no TVs for entertainment or blankets to help mitigate the cold"
Pros: "Swift check in and boarding and exit."
Cons: "Terrible seating. I'm 6ft 1 and I felt cramped and couldn't get comfortable. I was constantly kicking the person in front of me in the back and under the seat."
Cons: "As I stated previously this company's complete lack of concern for customer service is appalling. I have directed my managers and staff to ensure that this company is no longer engaged to supply transportation to any of my companies"
Cons: "Customer service and Jetstar CANNOT be used in the same sentence. Flight cancelled by carrier no viable options offered by phone representative held on the telephone for over an hour whilst travelling to airport in an attempt to get a flight home. Holiday cut short, had to return rental car 1/2 day earlier than what had been paid for, lunch reservations had to be cancelled and no responsibility accepted by Jetstar representative. Well they have definitely lost me as a customer, none of the companies I own would treat a customer in such a manner we believe that we NEED customers to stay in business. Then to top it all off had a hour and a half travel time from Bne as opposed to half an hour from Coolangatta."
Cons: "Terrible customer service, terrible checkin agent, terrible seats, no entertainment"
Pros: "Smooth transition for daughter who needed assistance to board"
Cons: "Having to sit apart especially when there were vacant seats"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled at the last minute. Jetstar doesn't have a customer service line you can call so it was very difficult to re-book. The chat was clunky and not compatable with mobile phone. Then they couldn't refund the extra fees I had paid for assigned seats - that is a "different chat site" though I was reassigned a Quantas ticket and given tickets that had us split up on that flight. They couldn't give me a booking number or anything like that for the Quantas flight either. I will just save the hassle and fly with Quantas next time. Unimpressed with JetStar and their customer service was terrible. Still out the refund money and frankly it is worth it not to have to deal with them again."
Cons: "Jetstar is the worst airline around. Its absolutely ridiculous that they charge you 10X more for checked luggage at airport check-in. When I booked my flight 5 months in advance, I didn't see the option of buying luggage (and also didn't think it mattered at the time because normal airlines like Delta, United, etc. charge the same rate no matter when you decide). Thank goodness I knew to buy luggage before getting to the airport but was still charge $60 AUD (when it would have only been $35 if I did it when I originally booked). And it would have been over $150 if I waited for the airport. WHO THE F CARES WHEN I DECIDE TO CHECK A BAG??? YOU STILL HAVE TO GO TO THE COUNTER NO MATTER WHAT. Jetstar is such a low class airline. Then they wanted to weigh my carry-on which was 9kilo (2k over the limit)... full of all camera gear. The guy literally started yelling at me, made me feel so uncomfortable, and my eyes began to water. He was screaming to another woman in front of everyone that I was WAY over the weight limit and was to be charged $210. He was extremely aggressive. (This was a moment I wish I would have whipped out my phone and took a video... would have gone viral). The woman wasn't any better either. At first she was really aggressive and I hadn't said a word. I just watched them react as if I brought a weapon. She raised her voice at me yelling about the stupid luggage being too heavy.... and at that point I told her that she needed to lower her voice and talk to me like a human (let alone a customer). At that point she did realize that she was being ridiculous and lowered her voice (I might even give her the benefit of the doubt and say the guy may have rattled her). I explained to her that I was carrying expensive camera gear and batteries (which you cannot put in checked luggage) and that I'd be happy to put it in the checked bag (especially since I had extra kilos that I hadn't used). She said I would need to sign a waiver exempting them from being responsible if anything was stolen from my bag. I politely said absolutely not. If you cannot get my luggage to my destination safely then I would happily not get on the plane and walk over to the Air New Zealand desk and buy a ticket. At that point she looked me up and saw how much I flew with them and then decided to let me on the plane. Which mind you, the plane was 75% EMPTY. After all that. Geez. Never again Jetstar. Never again."
Pros: "Few crew members who went out of their way to ease our frustration"
Cons: "Surprise expenses Most people who buy directly through the Jetstar website add baggage allowance. You don't get this option when buying on Kayak. Poor connection and wait time The long layover was annoying, and proved costly, too. You need to buy a Visa in Australia if your layover is longer than 8 hours. Kayak doesn't warn you about this, and so you have to collect your baggage, go through customs, and buy a Visa. In sum, Kayak shouldn't allow you to purchasing strings-attached tickets from this airline."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Baggage policy needs to change. 7 kg limit on carryon combined bag and hand bag. I carried a very small suitcase, 10 kg, this cost an extra 100 dollars return!. Chose another airline. Aircraft was filthy, they could do so much better."
Pros: "Plane was spacious"
Cons: "Carry on weight limit of ~10lbs and if more then it costs $25 a lb... really? No food included whatsoever, not even coffee or tea. After making me check my carry-on for being too heavy, they lost it. Now I am in Bali with no clothes except the ones on my back."
Cons: "Surcharge up to $160 if exceeding 7kg of all your carry on bags (including personal item). Rude employees relating this info to me and my husband."
Cons: "Kayak did not adequately disclose that if we did not purchase our baggage in advance, we would be subject to the worst airline heist I have ever seen. We were informed that to check our standard suitcases at the airport it would cost $120 USD per bag. So much for low cost travels! This should be illegal and Kayak should bear some responsibility. The bag cost almost as much as the flight. Being held hostage at the airport, we had no option but to cough up the $240...absolutely shocking policy...a miracle this airline hasn't been shut down for such outlandish and outrageous tactics. Don't patronize these thieves! Can't get beyond this to review any positives."
Cons: "Got to the desk at 9:03pm to check in for a international flight departing at 9:45 at an empty airport only to be turned away and told we had to check in 45min before flight (not stated in confirmation email) so 3 min late and they wouldn't let us check in, and no refunds and zero willingness to help, the ticket gate people only wanted to go home since that was the last flight of the day. So again I say VERY POOR SERVICE!! Jet Star sucks big Harry ones!!"
Pros: "I chose Jetstar for their price and the timing of flight. Living in Canada I was not familiar with the airline."
Cons: "At check-in we were forced to pay an extra $50. to check our carryon bags as there is a ridiculous 7kg limit for an international flight. Really?! This limit should be made clear before booking, next to the flight fee. Then we watched as people entered the plane with carryon that was clearly too big and heavy to be within the limit. They had obviously checked in on-line to avoid the fees. A lesson that encourages dishonesty. Really?! Then Jetstar wanted $4. for a cup of coffee in-flight. Really! And there is no alternative, other than going without, as no drinks can be brought on board given that security check is right at the gate. Crew were friendly and professional at all times and I felt sorry for them as they are the front-line for these ridiculous policies."
Pros: "I like the fact that when you book a flight you then have to pay for a seat .... What do you expect us to stand ! then you have to pay for baggage and all the other hidden costs .... after you have payed !"
Cons: "Dont have a credit card and they say we will be only taking credit card for beverages . On the flight over they said the reason was because we came from Bali and had no change but why the flight from Adelaide so again couldn't buy anything... Great service !"
Pros: "Comfortable seats,timeliness"
Cons: "Very upset about the over $400.00 charge for our two carry on luggage that were both only a little over 20 k. That was more than what we paid for the flight. I feel that Jet Star gouged us! We've never paid that much for chacked luggage! Never offered water, oh you could pay $4.00 for a cup of cola."
Pros: "Not as cramped as I thought it would be."
Cons: "They served some people food prior to anyone else that somehow ordered in advance, I had to ask for food and then dig through a menu that was hidden in the seat in front of me and the food that was offered was different than the other people."
Cons: "We booked through Kayak and weren't told that when you book a flight with Jetstar, you get NO BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. ZERO, ZIP, NIL. We didn't know this and assumed like other Australian and New Zealand carriers, we would each get one free bag, so I went online and paid $25 for a third bag. When we checked in for a domestic flight, we were told that we would have to pay $400 to send our luggage with us. THAT WAS MORE THAN WE PAID FOR OUR SEATS! We were also told that had we paid for our luggage ahead of time, it would have only been $60. Be very careful if you fly this airline. Make sure you know what is and what is not included with your ticket, especially if you use a third party to purchase your tickets. PS - All drinks (including coffee, tea, soda, etc.)are extra. Frankly, I'm surprised they don't charge for using the toilet in flight"
Pros: "The tickets were cheap, but that's about all that was enticing about this trip, which doesn't say much since we had to pay for everything else."
Cons: "This was the worst budget airline I have ever flown with. We had to pay if we wanted to chose our seats, and then they didn't even give us the seats we paid for! We had to pay for all baggage. We had to pay for food and drinks on a 6+ hour flight. We had to pay for entertainment. And they were terrible about getting our bags out in a timely fashion."
Cons: "When I booked from USA thru kayak I was told I would have 1 checked bag & 1 carry on . At airport I was charged $682 for luggage cause " I didn't say I was flying with luggage "supposedly opting out of the $ 35.00 fee for luggage. Only other option was to re-book for next day loosing out of bookings in Cairns which was not an option. Many other passengers on our flight faced same predatory practices by Jetstar. Gate agent said website changed to be more transparent. This is not true Luggage fees more than doubled cost of flight. This is only direct flight from Adelaide and you're trapped .""
Cons: "The woman at the check-in desk was rude and seemed to delight in the fact that she could charge me a LOT of money for my checked bag. (I thought I had reserved a baggage allowance online but apparently hadn't. Instead of at least trying to seem like she was sorry to have to charge me such an exorbitant fee, she was smirking the whole time, as though she was getting some sort of commission on it.) Everything else was more or less standard for a budget airline. My experience with the woman at the check-in desk, and the ridiculous size of the fee--more than I paid for my ticket--have ensured that I will never fly Jetstar again."
Pros: "Amenity pack and entertainment were good. More movies to offer would have made the entertainment even better."
Cons: "We flew business class and it didn't feel too much like a business class experience. Welcome drinks were a nice touch but from there the service was not very attentive, we had to ask for empty glasses and plates to be cleared after they sat with us for over an hour. The meal was not great - pretty lack luster. No priority bag tags and our bags took over an hour to come out the other end."
Pros: "The whole experience was good. It's better than most budget airlines"
Cons: "The movie selection wasn't geared to someone like me. I paid for the entertainment pack but ended up watching reruns of TVs shows I'd already seen."
Pros: "Competitive price"
Cons: "Cramped and minimal service"
Pros: "Food was good and crew provided good service."
Cons: "Seat was uncomfortable but was more because person behind was large and kept digging their knees into my back. I was also not able to recline my seat because of their large size. I would have happily paid a little extra to be upgraded away from this passenger to ensure a more comfortable flight."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Adelaide to Bali

Airlines flying from Adelaide to Bali have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Adelaide to Bali

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Adelaide to Bali

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Adelaide to Bali

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Adelaide to Bali

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Adelaide to Bali

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