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JetstarOverall score based on 4685 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Long lines for bag drop"
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Cons: "Long lines for bag drop"
Cons: "plane was over an hr late due to tire needing changing. Staff we unapologetic about it."
Cons: "A little more leg room"
Pros: "They cancelled return flight and were rude when I tried to rebook; they also weigh luggage and charge extra; had one kind agent who helped; won’t fly again and won’t use cheap flights"
Cons: "Flights to & from Sydney to Melbourne were ok!"
Cons: "Our departure was 30 minutes late."
Pros: "Quick and easy boarding at AVV Airport."
Cons: "Seats were slightly uncomfortable but fine for short flight. There was no entertainment. The crew could have been more enthusiastic."
Pros: "The price is in good relation with the quality of service."
Cons: "The attention of the flight coordinator was poor, is a gross person under pressure and with really bad manners"
Pros: "Security was super fast. Boarding was straight forward."
Cons: "Jetstar baggage policy is, as most know, annoying. 7 kg limit on carry on bags or else you have to pay for extra “weight allowance.” Quite annoying since I can’t very well weigh my bag at home and it really changes nothing. You still bring the bag on the pla e. You just have to pay extra"
Cons: "No thrills airline. Pay for any extras (snack, drink) no entertainment"
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Travel good"
Cons: "There was a delate"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. Flight delayed 3.5 hours"
Pros: "Very nice"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Check in was quick easy and we boarded fast"
Cons: "No complimentary drinks"
Cons: "No room and EVERYTHING was an extra charge---we didn't even get water without a charge."
Pros: "The advertised price before finding out about the Bundles."
Cons: "All the ridiculous add-ones for seat preference, food, entertainment, extra leg room, etc. Very misleading!! Difficulty with online check-in and trying to determine baggage needs before actually getting to the airport and then having to pay a ridiculously higher amount. Would have been better to pay the extra and fly on an airlines that puts customer service first."
Pros: "Good crew, easy flight. Front and rear plane entrance and exit."
Cons: "You have to pay exorbitant amounts for food and drink - no complimentary anything."
Cons: "Two hours delayed on the way. Four and a half hours delayed on the return flight. No explanation or apology for either leg."
Cons: "Arrived at SYD after a 17 hour nonstop flight to find connecting Jetstar flight to Ballina was delayed for 41/2 hours!!!"
Pros: "Quick and easy flight"
Cons: "Plane was old and seats weren't the comfortable"
Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Since more chairs have been added there is no leg room! My husband had difficulty getting in and out. We will not be flying jet star for longer flights"
Pros: "Very pleasant staff on board and land crew. Difficult to judge food as it was only a snack and as the flight was only just over the hour there was no entertainment ."
Pros: "Quick and easy, just as expected, staff professional and. Friendly"
Cons: "Only one problem was the temperature was too warm during flight."
Pros: "Easy check in, child's play room even though we are not parents, spacious lobby"
Cons: "No comment"
Pros: "Checkin in Avalon, Melbourne EXCELLENT. Wife in wheelchair. Agent checked in all our bags. Then had to change planes in Sydney where they tried to charge $80 per bag for extra bags that Melbourne agent had checked in for free. Avalon longer trip to airport but fewer problems and people--and better Jetstar employees."
Cons: "When you are treated humanely and special, there is little not to like."
Cons: "Do not recommend, beware of non standard baggage rules. Book baggage online 3hours before the flight"
Pros: "The ice with my champagne"
Cons: "Delayed for 4 hours with no nappies for my 1 year old ... no priority boarding for families with shattered children ... lying boarding staff Vallentyn or something like that ... no ability to check in online due to a message saying we had a special request ... we didn't and have checked online to HNL and SIN recently with JQ without a problem."
Cons: "I was charged $250 for luggage because my wife and I each had a 50 lb. Suitcase. A massive rip off. I will avoid Jetstar whenever possible."
Cons: "Delayed departure which affected my travel plans"
Pros: "Polite staff well organized"
Cons: "My flight was 45 minutes late Absolutely no room when seated"
Pros: "Plane was unable to get to a gate after landing but we were kept informed."
Cons: "Paying four dollars for an orange juice."
Cons: "They don't serve glass of water,want to sell small bottle for 4$"
Pros: "Smooth boarding. Mostly on time and friendly staff for most the journey. No major complaints"
Cons: "Seats have less leg room than air asia. :("
Pros: "Nobody told i couldnt bring luggage had to pay extranfee"
Pros: "Sure the low prices are appealing but are they worth it? Not unless you enjoy wasting half your vacation at airports waiting for 5 hour delayed flights or being rerouted to a different city and spending 2 hours of your time on hold trying to get them to rebook you."
Cons: "Sure the low prices are appealing but are they worth it? Not unless you enjoy wasting half your vacation at airports waiting for 5 hour delayed flights or being rerouted to a different city and spending 2 hours of your time on hold trying to get them to rebook you. They charge you for everything including water and if you don't pay for your checked bag ahead of time it costs $160 to check at airport."
Pros: "I was charged $300 and forced to check my bag (weighing less than 50 pounds) and my carry on. These charges were absolutely not predictable."
Pros: "On time, polite, friendly crew. Smooth flight. All good. And good value for money."
Pros: "It was quiet. Quick and comfortable waiting for our flight. I enjoyed the meat pie, coffee and service while waiting. I was aloud to have a nap. Felt refreshed. Kayak gave me a great price. I saved $400 for my family flights all up."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour but it was an accumulation of air conjestion towards the later flights. Overall we were able to charge our phones and get comfortable before flying."
Pros: "I like the Punctuality and the way the plane was loaded- very efficient Plane was very tidy and clean"
Cons: "The menu is mediocre as far as the snacks are concerned. More imagination needed"
Pros: "Slightly clean"
Cons: "This is the worst of budget airlines. You check in, instead giving you a head up on all the concern, I have to go back to the customer service 3 times. My recommendation for people in Australia is to fly Virgin Australia, and skip on Jetstar and Qantas."
Cons: "Jetstar nickels and dimes you to death. $4.00 for a cup of coffee as an example."
Cons: "On time"
Pros: "Pilot did an outstanding job while landing in Sydney! Smoothest landing during my recent 11 leg journey...5 of which were jet star."
Cons: "I was charged $50 and made to check a bag that I had previously carried on during 5 other flights."
Pros: "Relatively spacious seats and new enough aircraft - could have been a good short haul flight."
Cons: "One crew member became unavailable due to personal issue 5mins before boarding. Boarded late then PA system fault held us on the ground, then deplaned and replaned for a 2 1/2 hour late departure. Two delaying problems on one flight indicative of an airline that doesn't have its systems and processes properly sorted out."
Pros: "Exactly at time"
Pros: "Timely, warm friendly crew, comfortable seating"
Cons: "Flying out of Avalon Airport in Melbourne. Too far out of the way."
Pros: "Crew & Air craft was good"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina

Airlines flying from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Melbourne Avalon to Ballina

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